What’s Happening This Week? Spirit Week!

Monday: SILLY HAT DAY: Wear or make a silly hat and wear it to school

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Tuesday: DRESS TO IMPRESS: Wear your best and fanciest outfit to school

Kindergarten/1st Grade Celebration Assembly @ 1:45 PM.

2nd and 3rd Grade Celebration Assembly @ 2:45PM

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Wednesday: MISMATCH DAY: Wear a silly outfit, mismatched colors

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School Count Day: Student attendance is important


Thursday: COLLEGE DAY: Represent your favorite college with a shirt, colors or jersey

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4th-5th Celebration Assembly @2:30PM

Friday: RED & PINK for Valentine’s Day

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February 17 to February 21 – No School – Mid Winter Break

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STEM Entrance Process

To all 5th grade parents that have an interest in their child attending STEM next year please review the following established process. Keep in mind that STEM is a Magnet school located on the Dearborn Heights Campus with the Michael Berry Career Center. This means that all parents are responsible for providing transportation to and from school. Our start and end times are aligned to high school times, 7:15 am – 2:15 pm. 

There is no enrollment process for our new 6th grade class.  Instead, we will be sending out invitations to the top 120 5th grade students in the district and asking them to apply. If your student is in district, but not a DPS student, there will be an application posted on our blog (https://stem.dearbornschools.org/) mid-February .

We have set a minimum NWEA reading score of 222 and a minimum NWEA math score of 231 as our baseline (winter 2020 5th grade scores).  In addition, students will need to have earned a 3 or a 4 on their 4th grade math and reading M-STEP tests.  However, having these minimum scores does not mean that a student will receive an invitation.  The top 120 students may very well achieve beyond these minimum scores.  Invitations to apply will be mailed home sometime in March.

For a non-DPS student that applies, his/her application will be ranked with the 120 invitations that we send home to DPS students.  If s/he ranks in the top 120, s/he will be emailed an invitation letter and be asked to email his/her interest in attending in the Fall.  If s/he does not rank in the top 120, s/he will not receive a final invitation.  Again, meeting the minimum scores does not guarantee acceptance.

Once the 120 students have responded to their invitations, if we have more than 60 students “accept”, there will be a lottery.

Spirit Week Fun Next Week

Are you ready for SPIRIT WEEK?

On Monday, it is SILLY HAT DAY

On Tuesday, be sure to wear your best and fanciest clothes and DRESS TO IMPRESS

On Wednesday, it will be totally acceptable to wear mismatched socks and colors for MISMATCH DAY

On Thursday, we will get to show pride for our favorite colleges by wearing their shirts and jerseys

Friday is VALENTINE’S DAY so be sure to wear RED and PINK!!

Read Aloud Day Today!

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World Read Aloud Day has united people around the world for 11 years to highlight the importance of reading aloud and sharing stories.

WHY READING ALOUD MATTERS The Scholastic Kids & Family Reading Report: 7th Edition™ showed that more than 80% of both kids and parents love or like read-aloud time because they consider it a special time together.

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What is Happening This Week?

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Being a successful football player takes teamwork, discipline, practice, hard work, goal-setting and time management. Football players and students have many of these important qualities in common. Students; continue to work hard and keep in mind that your current experiences and choices are paving the way for future success and wins!

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Today was GROUNDHOG DAY, a famous day where a groundhog predicts the weather. This year the groundhog did not see its shadow, which means we are likely to have an EARLY SPRING!!

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What is happening at Oakman this week?

Monday: WIDA testing begins


Wednesday: LATE START

School store open


Friday: Pizza sale after school

Another Successful Parent Meeting

We had another great turnout of parents at our monthly meeting on Friday. We want to extend a a huge thank you to Educare and Mr. Khodr Farhat for presenting us with a check and always supporting our students.

Parents learned about the importance of read alouds and even took big books home to enjoy with their children. Parents were also challenged with a STEM activity of building a tower out of index cards and how this activity can be easily mimicked at home.

See the directions below and try it yourself

What’s Happening This Week?

Greetings Oakman Families,

We want to give a BIG shoutout to all the parents who joined our parent meeting on Friday, We are grateful for the great turnout and constant willingness of our parents to participate in learning and for helping our students reach their goals. We will post photos soon.

This week is the final week of NWEA testing. Please check with classroom teachers for testing schedules.

What is Happening at Oakman This Week?

Monday: Welcome Back

Tuesday: Morning Tutoring- Please use door 1

Wednesday: School Store is Open

Young 5s Fieldtrip

Morning Tutoring- Please use door 1

Thursday: Morning Tutoring- Please use door 1

Friday: Pizza Sale after school


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Jan. 31st: NWEA closes

Feb 3rd: WIDA testing starts

Feb 5th: Late start

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Feb 12th: Count Day


Feb 28: Founders Day Dinner