City hosting TikTok “Mask Up” contest; winners to receive $100 Amazon gift card

Winners to receive $100 Amazon gift card

Deadline for entry is Dec. 18

DEARBORN, Mich. – The City invites residents to help get the word out about the importance of wearing masks through its TikTok video contest, with the potential to win a $100 Amazon gift card.
Those interested in participating in the contest should create a fun,
inspiring video on TikTok supporting the City’s #MaskUpDearborn campaign.
Through the contest, individuals can use their creativity to help motivate the community to wear masks to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.
The contest is a great way to be creative and have fun while also
encouraging vital public health and safety guidelines in your community.
To enter the contest, individuals should follow @dearborncitygov and post a video with the hashtag #MaskUpDearborn by 12 p.m. EST on Friday, Dec. 18.

Guidelines for entering the contest are as follows:
– Enter a video of your creation through the TikTok app and copy the link to this Shortstack:, which will be the
website the City of Dearborn is using to run this contest.

  • Vote for your favorite video on Shortstack! The top three videos will be
    voted on by other TikTok users!
  • Your video MUST include the hashtag #MaskUpDearborn and you must
    tag us at @dearborncitygov.
  • Your video must be focused on the importance of wearing masks to save
  • You can submit up to five videos per person, per account via TikTok.You can vote for your favorite video on Shortstack up to three times per
  • Submit your video beginning November 25 at 12:01 a.m. Eastern Time
    and ending December 18 at 12 p.m. Eastern Time.
  • Videos should be between 15-60 seconds long and should not contain
    explicit music or inappropriate language, clothing, or gestures.
  • Three individuals with the most votes will each receive a $100 Amazon gift card from the City.
  • Complete rules and guidelines for the contest can be found here:

MEDIA CONTACT: Mary Laundroche

TikTok - Make Your Day

All Subjects are Important- جميع الفصول الدراسية مهمة

Physical Education التربية البدنية Music الموسيقىArt Education التربية الفنيةMedia Center المكتبة المدرسيةScience Enrichment العلوم 

Dear Oakman Families,

The 2020 school year has definitely been different.  We are so proud of all the students and families for adapting to this new way of going to school. Thank you for all your support and patience; especially since all your teachers are learning how to do this with you!

Now that the second quarter has begun we expect students to do our assignments. Each day there is a designated time from 1:00-1:50 to complete assignments in gym, art, music, media, and enrichment.  Please go to our courses, or look in the upcoming area for our work. If your child does little or no work this quarter, they will receive a 4 in our classes.  We hope everyone does our work, so they get a 1 or 2!  If you have any questions please reach out to us!

We are looking forward to a fabulous second quarter!


Mr. AbuRus, Principal-

Mr. Lesniak- PE, Mrs. Faryniarz- Music , Mrs. Torres and Ms. Styczynski- Art , Mrs. Grucz- Science Enrichment, and Mrs. Hansen- Media Center 

الأهالي الأعزاء،

كان العام الدراسي 2020 مختلفاً بالتأكيد.  نحن فخورون جداً بجميع الطلاب والأسر للتكيف مع هذه الطريقة الجديدة في الذهاب إلى المدرسة. شكرا لكم على كل ما تبذلونه من دعم وصبر؛ خاصة وأن جميع الطاقم التعليمي يمارسون كيفية القيام بذلك معكم

والآن بعد أن بدأ الربع الثاني نتوقع من الطلاب القيام بمهامنا. كل يوم هناك وقت مخصص من 1:00-1:50 لإكمال المهام في مادة التربية البدنية والفن والموسيقى والإعلام والإثراء.  يرجى الذهاب الى دوراتنا ( سكولوجي)، أو البحث في المنطقة المخصصة لعملنا. في حال عدم قيام  طفلك بأي عمل على أي حال من هذا الربع، سوف يحصل على 4 في صفوفنا.  نأمل أن يقوم الجميع بعملنا، حتى يحصلوا على 1 أو 2!  إذا كان لديك أي أسئلة يرجى الاتصال بنا

نحن نتطلع إلى ربع ثاني رائع

مع جزيل الشكر و الامتنان

السيد أبوالروس، المدير-

السيدة هانسن مدرسة وسائل الاعلام 

السيدة جروز مدرسة علوم الاثراء 

السيدة فارينارز مدرسة الموسيقى

السيدة ستازينسكي والسدة توريس مدرستا الفن

السيد لزنياك مدرس التربية البدنية 

Oakman’s Mock Election Results Are In

Thank you Oakman students for taking the time to vote in our Mock Election. The ballots have been counted and the pie graphs below show how our student body voted on the different issues proposed.

Thank you again for participating in our democratic process.

Thank you all for voting
Oakman’s Presidential Pick is ________________.
Students voted to _________________.
The best cookie is ___________.
The Best sport is ______________.
Oakman student’s favorite subject is ______________.
Sarah Khan | Thank you for voting | The Daily Pennsylvanian