Covid-19 Case Identification

Dear Oakman families ,

In order to be transparent with all of our stakeholders, We want to update you on a COVID case at Oakman. As the positivity rate is on the rise in our community, We need to remind all of our families to keep on practicing social distancing norms of wearing a mask and keeping 6 feet apart. Also, we want to also remind you of the parent commitment form and the obligation to your fellow community members of checking your child for any symptoms and if you are in doubt or answer yes to any of the question to stay home to ensure safety for all. 

Thank you again for your support and cooperation.

COVID-19 Case Identification

We want to thank all Oakman staff, students, and families for the safety precautions and procedures that have been put in place to ensure the safety of all the members of our community. Please be assured that we are continuing to provide a safe learning environment to staff and students who want access to the building on a voluntary basis. Although some have opted out of in-person learning labs, virtual learning labs are continuing on a daily basis. Please refer to the letter below for further clarification:

Elementary Half Day Moved to October 30

Dearborn Public Schools has moved the half day for elementary students originally scheduled for Nov. 6 up to Oct. 30. 

Teachers will use the afternoon that day to get grades ready for report cards.  The first marking period ends on Oct. 30 for all grades this year. 

A Google calendar with our most up to date schedule is always available on the district website on the home page and on our calendar page.

Is your Child’s Microphone Too Loud and Staticy While on Zoom?

If your child is having problems with a chromebook microphone that is loud and staticy, it may be the internal microphone. Please try the following steps:

First have child click on the volume icon (bottom right)

Next have them click on the arrow to the right of the sound level.

This will take them to the internal microphone volume setting. They’re setting is probably up the highest, it should be somewhere in the middle of the settings.