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Do you want to be a part of your child’s life at school? Take a look at all these opportunities for you to help.

Giving your time to the teacher/office/ and PTA makes you a visible and active participant at your school, especially in the classroom. All volunteers are welcome and we understand your time is valuable.  You can offer one hour a week on a specific day and time.  This helps the teacher to plan accordingly and stick to a schedule because she is expecting you. Please leave siblings at home when you volunteer.

You can participate in activities inside the classroom such as copying, cutting laminated papers, reading to students, helping a teacher organize and tidy her room, helping in the lunch room, monitoring recess outside etc.

In order to go on field trips or volunteer in our school you     must fill out the I-CHAT application which is valid for three years. Submit to Oakman’s office when completed. It takes a few weeks to be returned so make sure you do this at the beginning of the year if you plan on helping the teacher chaperone on field trips.


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2. Harvard University Resources:

3. Here is the link for the Michigan E Toolkit on Parental Involvement:,4615,7-140-5233—,00.html


4. Here is a great website on parenting tips:


5. Here is a list of valuable websites on the internet to help your child at home.





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