Oakman School News

Check the Backpacks!

Today in your child’s backpack many important papers will be coming home. Please complete the emergency papers and lunch applications thoroughly and return as soon as possible. Do not let your child fill out the form for you. If the information is incorrect on the emergency sheet, cross it out and put the correct information above.

For the lunch applications you must provide the case number, your income, ALL the people living in the household, a signature, a working phone number and the last four digits of your social security number. If you need assistance completing the forms you can see Mrs. Dakroub in her office. Check in to the main office first please.

This year we are required to do an online parent survey.  Mr. Awada has requested each household to do this. We must have good participation for the benefit of Oakman students and families. Please complete it for our school.

Click on the link below. Scroll down to find Oakman School and begin.  Thank you for your feedback.