Congratulations to the 2013 5th Grade Class

What a wonderful morning we had! Congratulations to the two most outstanding students in 5th grade this year, Douaa Daher and Amin Numan. We are so proud of you!

Special thanks to Ms. Rose, Ms. Rola, Ms. Samia, Ms. Lina, Ms. Amged, Ms. Mahera and Ms. Nouhad for decorating the gym, cafeteria and serving at the reception. What an amazing PTA we have! Their time and dedication to the children and our school, as well as many other parents not mentioned above, have created lasting memories for Oakman students. We have had the most participation and volunteers in four years. Let’s stick together and be even stronger next year!

Thank you to the Dabaja family for the new decorations in the cafeteria. They will be used for years to come.

Here are some pictures from today’s event. Tomorrow I will post the video made by Mrs. Abdulla.  It was amazing!!!!!  Stay tuned!


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This Week at Oakman 6-3 to 6-7

Tutoring is over.

Wednesday:           Core Value Assembly at 9am in the gym. Come watch children be awarded as Bucketfillers, May Students of the Month as well as Most Improved.

Thursday:              Parent and Community Breakfast. All parents welcome.

Friday:                  Field Day- Volunteers are needed for the morning or        afternoon shift. Volunteer for the teacher and move to different stations with your child. The PTA needs help at the food station. More information to follow soon.

Math Night at Dearborn High School 6-6-13

35 Math Event

MATH, Yes…You…Can
What happens when a truly inspired student wants to share his passion for math and motivate others to understand the many aspects of a subject that most find difficult to understand?
You get a student-organized evening focused on discussing the elements of mathematics that students often don’t consider or understand, such as creativity and ingenuity.
“MATH, Yes…You…Can” will take place at Dearborn High School, 19501Outer Drive, Dearborn, in the auditorium on June 6 from 6:15-8:00 p.m.  The free event is open tothe entire community, especially parents, teachers, students, and school officials interested in learning more about how they can help their students and children with mathematics.
“We are just trying to make the community see that mathematics can be more interesting than it seems, and through that, hopefully motivate students to raise their achievement in the subject,” commented Mo Charawi, student at Dearborn High and organizer of this very exciting event. 
Mo was inspired to create this “Ted” type event when he learned just how many students struggle in math and are unaware of how much math touches their everyday life. He also wanted to create something that would tie in to the districtwide initiative to refine and improve teaching techniques as well as engage students in the subject of math. 
The first session of the evening will focus on creativity in mathematics and helping others to understand that in order for students to succeed in math, they must first understand that mathematics is much more than it seems.
This will be followed up by a discussion on the idea of implementing a flipped classroom, wherein the student, as homework, will be able to play, pause, and rewind video lectures that teach the concepts, allowing the teacher to use class time for engaging activities and supplementary lessons for difficult concepts. 
The evening will close out with the topic of how to access and use various free online resources.