Oakman School News

Great Idea PTA!

The PTA did a GREAT JOB during Election Day. While students stayed home the PTA moms and their children came out and sold goodies to the voters waiting in line at Oakman School. They made over $600 for our students. Yay!

Special thanks to the Oakman students who helped: Zahraa Harb, Fatme Sayed, Nour Hassan, Zeinab Hammoud, Layal Numan and their moms Ms. Fozeah Jalil, Ms. Rose Harb, Ms. Rola Boussi, Ms. Lena Faraj, Ms. Samia Saleh, Ms. Batoul Hammoud, Ms. Nohad Sayed, Ms. Nada Numan, Ms. Souhad Hasham, and of course former Oakman students Zeinab Harb and Douhaa Saab.

A special thank you to all the adults that donated money during this event. Voters were generous!

Thanks for a great team effort all for the kids at Oakman School.