Oakman School News

Robert Cipriano Cross Country Memorial Run 10-19-13

Robert Cipriano CC Run Flyer 2013

Saturday, October 19th, 2013

Place: Ford Field (Brady and Cherry Hill)

Parking is available on the lower level of the field near the baseball diamonds off Brady.

Students will meet near the large shelter, north of the bridge.

There will be 10 races for students and one race for faculty.

The faculty 1 mile run will start at 8:30 am.

The elementary school 4th grade girls run will start at 9:30, boys will follow, etc.

We estimate that middle school races will begin at 10:30.

It is recommended that all elementary school runners be there by 8:45 and middle school runners by 9:45.

The district has ordered 1000 running bibs with timing chips. Each school will be given an allotment based on the population of their school. Allotment of bibs will be determined soon by the physical education teachers as they will be timing students in class. For example, if your elementary school is allotted 40 bibs and you have 50 students who qualify by running a mile under 10 minutes, then your top 40 students get a bib and you will add their names/grade/gender/school to a spread sheet (see below) and the remaining 10 students may still compete however their times will not be recorded. Be sure to tell those without running bibs that their time is not recorded. Bibs will be delivered to your school before the race for distribution.

As mentioned, elementary qualifying time is 10 minutes for 1 mile (both boys and girls).

Middle school qualifying time is 20 minutes for 2 miles (both boys and girls).

The races will be a rolling start time with approximately 15 minutes between each elementary school race and approximately 20 minutes between each middle school race.

Each grade will have a ceremony following the completion of their runs. The 4th grade ceremony will start as the 5th graders are running. When the 5th grade runs are completed, their ceremony will start while the 6th graders are running and so forth. School winners will be announced at the conclusion of all races.

Physical Education teachers will still need to submit their list of participants on the Google share drive. Only those receiving bibs should be listed on the share drive. Remember to add name/grade/gender/school. Please update the list before October 4th. 

Lastly, let me know if you (or someone in your building) will be attending so that we can make arrangements for volunteers to assist.