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Our Top Students!


Tomorrow we will be celebrating and honoring very special students at our Core Value Assembly. It will begin in the gym at 9am.

The Dearborn Police will be here to talk about Stranger Danger, ACCESS will be here to talk briefly about Bullying and then we will give out the rewards.

If your child was a Student of the Month for December or January, a Bucketfiller, or a Math Master then come and watch!

Congratulations to the following students:

Students of the Month

                                             DECEMBER                    JANUARY

Mrs. Rawson               Lonah Alsebti                Ali Obeid         

Mrs. Sulecki                Zeanha Alhameed         Jibreel Jadallah

Mrs. Nasir                   Mousa Alrefaai             Malak Alshouli

Mrs. Hespen               Jawad Ghoul                 Sheirin Alrefaai 

Ms. Earle                     Layal Numan                Ali Bazzi

Mrs. Rydlicki               Amneah Asad               Mazen AlDakkak

Ms. Logel                     Reem Elzaghir             Youseph Jadallah

Mrs. Elward                 Ali Cherri                    Abdulaziz Hassan

Ms. Bazzi                     Hassan Sobh                Fatema Dabaja

Mrs. Rizk                     Rabieh Dabaja              Ali Ghoul

Mrs. Gartha                Israa Saad                    Dalia Farhat          

Ms. Habhab                 Ahmed Isayli                 Zeinab Hammoud 

Art                              Noor Almosawi             Aya Elzaghir

Music                          Heba Alzaghir               Rabieh Dabaja

Gym                            Ali Boussi                     Afnan Hassan

Science                      Issa Daher                    Mohammed Baydoun

                  Radewin Awada   

Principal-Oakman Elementary

    “If you can Dream it, you can Achieve it.” – Walt Disney





Mrs. Rawson         Shehed AlHuri and Rukaya Alshara

Mrs. Sulecki            Ardijana Johnson and Ahmad Sayed

Mrs. Nasir               Mariam Aoun and Buchora Allamoth

Mrs. Hespen           Yasmeen Bazzi and Fatima Alwatan

Ms. Earle                  Inchad Jomaa and Mohammad Hassan

Mrs. Rydlicki         Mariam AlHuri and Gadeer AlShara

Ms. Logel                 Shahd Alnasir and Hadia Chami

Mrs. Elward          Salina Faraj, Roqya Noor and Mohamad Rizk

Ms. Bazzi                 Fatima AlShara and Fatima Saad

Mrs. Rizk                Mohammed Baydoun and Eyaad Alwazir

Mrs. Gartha         Julianne Nasser and Marwa Saleh

Ms. Habhab          Mohamed Hamade and Maysaa Abouhassan