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The “I’ve Got Your Backs” Challenge at Oakman- 2014

I’ve Got Your Backs Challenge
April , 30, 2013

Dear Parents,
We are excited to begin the “I’ve Got Your Backs Challenge” at Oakman Elementary. The program will promote kindness for our students. The “I’ve Got Your Back” Foundation (www.ivegotyourbacks.org ) was established in October 2009 in celebration and memory of Isaac Anthony Loughrige (3/16/1988- 10/22/2009).
Isaac’s life was dedicated to helping others and there are many stories that reflect his giving heart. Whether he was providing young athletes with sporting equipment, taking the shoes off his feet for a homeless man, volunteering for inner city mission work, tutoring a young student in math or purchasing birthday gifts for underprivileged kids, Isaac continually showed love and support to those around him.
Because Isaac had a passion for helping and working with children, many of the foundation programs will be for kids. The mission is to educate impact and inspire hope to area youths in need by continuing some of the efforts that reflect Isaac’s heart. Please check out the website to learn more.
If a student says, “yes” to the IGYB Challenge they will receive a bracelet. The bracelet will be a visual reminder and every time they reach their hand out to do something they will see the IGYB bracelet and ask themselves the question: “Am I showing kindness to myself and others with what I am about to do?” The whole objective is to get the students into the habit of thinking before they act and thinking about showing kindness rather than violence or harm.
Students will log their kind acts for a month. The challenge will begin on May 1st and end on June 1st. The student with the most documented kind acts will receive an IGYB t-shirt and a gift card for $50, the second prize winner will receive an IGYB t-shirt, and a $25 gift card, the third place winner will receive an IGYB t-shirt and a $10 gift card. The elementary class with the most combined kind acts will win a pizza party.
We are so excited about this Challenge because we believe this will help to instill in each student a lifestyle of looking for ways to reach out to help others–which is so needed in our culture today.

The Oakman Staff