Oakman School News

Penny Wars 2016

Hello Parents,

Our school has been challenged by Whitmore Bolles  to a PENNY WAR! The penny war will support the nonprofit charity I.G.Y.B´s (I’ ve Got Your Backs). The charity was created in memory of the late Isaac Lougdhrige. The mission of I.G.Y.B.s is to Educate, Impact, and Inspire Hope to Youth in Need.. For more information please see the link below https://www.ivegotyourbacks.org/

The Penny War will begin on Monday, April 25th and end on May 9th. The goal is to make the least amount of money for your class, but the most for our school. Each class will have a milk jug designated for the collection of change.  Students will want to bring in pennies (copper) to fill their own classroom jug, but bring in silver coins to add to other classrooms’ jugs.  When we get competitive and bring in silver coins to fill each other’s jugs, this is how we can beat Oakman and win the PENNY WAR! Once money goes into a jug, it can not be taken out. Bring your coins!!!

Thank you!

الاهل الكرام,

نقوم في مدرسة أوكمن بتحدي مدرسة ويت مور بولز لجمع اكبر كمية من السنتات وذلك ابتداء من نهار الاثنين 25 نيسان\ابريل ولغاية 5 ايار\مايو.  يتم التبرع بالمال لجمعية خيرية (IGYB). ارسلوا السنتات لكي نربح التحدي!!