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M-STEP Is YOUR Child Ready? For ALL Oakman Students

As soon as we return from Spring Break your child will be taking the state wide M-Step test if he/she is in 3rd to 5th grade. Teachers have been working diligently with their students all year long preparing them. Your job as a parent is to ensure the student is working at home. We have made it very easy for the student to practice from home by using the CLEVER links. On Thursday a green sheet went home with each Oakman student outlining step by step instructions with screenshots of how to access CLEVER from the internet. It is translated in Arabic as well.  A child should do a minimum of 20 minutes a day reading from their book bag, and practicing for another 20 from their math bag.  Review and practice the sight words. Ask them the questions from the bookmarks.



Just click here and away you go to Moby Max, Khan Academy and more.


Here are links and information to prepare your child for the M-Step from Lansing and the State Superintendent,  Mr. Brian Whiston.

3-30-17MME-MSTEP   ParentLetter

And here are some tips for parents during testing.


And lastly, here are some vocabulary words your child should know. Look up their grade. 3rd, 4th and 5th are provided in this link.


We have provided you with these home resources to help your child excel during testing and all year long.

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