Oakman School News

Kindness Club Project

Oakman’s STAND (Kindness Club) is partaking in The Kindness Rocks Project. This project promotes random acts of kindness in the shape of painted rocks with inspirational words and messages.

Ask your children to explain to you the meaning of the Kindness Rocks Project. You may also view the attached video together.



The students have painted rocks and hidden them around the school. When students find a rock they may keep it, re-hide it, or leave it for someone else to find. Please encourage your children to paint and hide their own rocks. The goal of the group is simply to spread joy, kindness and brighten someone’s day and use kindness to combat bullying.

Not only is it fun to design and create these gorgeous rocks, students are able to learn the powerful skill of using words to inspire and motivate both themselves and others around them!

Thank you!

Oakman students painting kindness rocks.

Oakman students are proud of their work

Kindness rocks painted with positive and inspirational messages

Kindness rocks painted in bright colors and powerful messages.