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Importance of Bedtime Reading

We all want our children to read on a daily basis and try to encourage them with high interest books and taking them to the library, but did you know that reading to our children during bedtime is also a very effective practice?

As parents, establish a bedtime routine that you and your children will love. This special time can establish healthy sleeping habits and help children retain more of what they learn in school.

You can read to your child in any language!

Let this be a special bonding time. Children love listening to stories and hearing from their own parents, shows them the importance of reading.

CLICK HERE FOR A LINK TO TUCK, a site that specializes in the importance of healthy sleep patterns and reading.

This resource also has tips for parents and links to online stories.

Please let us know if you need help accessing reading material or more information.

Happy Reading!!

Parent and child reading during bedtime.

Parent and child reading during bedtime.