Oakman School News

Milk Carton Challenge

Coach Southers presented Oakman students with a challenge to build the most creative tower out of milk cartons! Students accepted and conquered the challenge!

Mrs. Gartha’s & Miss. Habhab’s class won the smoothie party! 

Mrs. Shooshanian’s (PreK) & Mrs. Mehrhof’s (Y5) class “Oakman School”

Mrs. Fowler’s & Mrs. Rawson’s kindergarten class “Christmas Tree”

Ms. Hoffman’s & Ms. Younce’s 1st grade class “Gingerbread house”

Ms. Earle & Mrs. Patterson 2nd grade class “The Pyramids of Egypt”

Ms. Logel’s & Ms. Hespen’s class “Giant milk carton”

Mrs. Elward & Mrs. Mosed class “Jumping with Jill”

WINNERS of the milk carton contest: Mrs. Gartha & Ms. Habhab’s class “2019”