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Help Ecology Club Save the Oceans

Save The Oceans      

The Ecology Club is supporting the removal of trash from the oceans through the work of the 4 Oceans company. By purchasing a bracelet made of 100% recycled items, they will remove of 1 pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines.

                                    What is our Goal?

Our goal is to raise 100 dollars per class which would take 60 pounds of trash from the ocean. For every 20 dollars your class raises, 1 bracelet will be purchased and then raffled off in the classroom.  

Can you help us do it? Become an activist for the environment. We are asking you to return refundable cans or bottles from home to a nearby store. Did you know that every 10 cans or bottles you return to the store makes 1 dollar that can be donated towards this cause?  That money will help us reach our goal. We will be collecting money through the month of February.

Please recycle your cans and bottles at home and donate that money. Your donations will help clean our oceans!