Oakman School News

R.O.A.R. Announcements

Monday’s Word of the Day is Daylight Saving Time. Daylight Saving Time is turning the clock ahead as warmer weather approaches and back as it becomes colder again so people will have one more hour of daylight in the afternoon or evening during the warmer season of the year. 

Tuesday’s Did you know? Thursday is pi day. Not the pie we eat. Thursday’s date is 3-14. Pi is a number that is just a little bigger than 3.14. It is the number you get if you divide the circumference of any circle by its diameter. 

Wednesday’s Thought of the Day: “Do one act of kindness each day of the year, and change 365 lives.” Anthony Williams

Thursday’s random act of kindness goes to Sami Saeed from Ms. Younce’s class. Thank you for helping a friend out! 

Friday’s Joke of the Day:  Why did the student sit on a ladder in class? She wanted a higher education!