Oakman School News

End of Reading Month Presentations

Young 5

4th grade, Mrs Elward

2nd grade, Ms. Earle

1st Grade, Ms. Hoffman

5th grade, Ms. Habhab

3rd grade, Ms. Hespen

2nd grade, Mrs. Patterson

1st/2nd Grade, Ms. Younce

5th Grade, Mrs. Gartha

Kindergarten, Mrs. Rawson

3rd/4th Ms. Logel

4th/5th, Mrs. Mosed

Kindergarten, Mrs. Fowler

Congratulations to all the prize winners

Thank you to our special guest, Ms. Spirit of Liberty

Mr. Abu-Rus dressed as a crab

Mrs. Mc Mahon and Mrs. Chehab dressed as sea creatures

Mrs. Ali, Mrs. Dakhlallah and Mrs Chehab dressed as sea creatures