Oakman School News

Dear parents: In this challenging situation , we, the staff at Oakman, are working hard to assist our students in mitigating any learning loss, and doing our best to keep things in their normal pace as if school days are on!

We understand that everyone is under some kind of pressure and have a different way of dealing with this challenge . We will continue to offer our students the best possible opportunities to learn and stay mentally connected .

We also understand the huge role you play as a parent/ Guardian. Without your guidance , most of these learning opportunities will serve as a time filler only . We encourage you to stay positive and to help your child/ children do the best they can when it comes to digital learning. Remember that your children will look up to you as the sound of reason in these confusing times!

Let’s work together to help our students , your children, stay ahead of the game and if not ahead, let’s keep them as close as possible . This only works if we did this as a team – one part is school ( digitally) and the other part is home ( you guiding and assisting your children through remote learning).

Please know that we’ll post start and end time for the digital work to motivate students to complete not to stress you. We also will give our students a chance to catch up with the work twice a week.

May God help us all in navigating through this challenging and difficult time. And please remember that we can overcome this by practicing safe measures and by helping each other !

Best regards,
Oakman Staff