Oakman School News

What is Happening This Week?

Greetings Oakman families,

As we approach our third week of distant learning, we are proud of the ongoing collaboration that is taking place between teachers, students and parents. Please continue checking your teacher’s blogs, Class Dojo and Google Classroom, You are all doing a great job!

This week is VIRTUAL SPIRIT WEEK so be sure to participate and share your photos each day.

Monday: PAJAMA DAY- share a photo wearing your favorite pajamas.

Tuesday: HELPING IN THE KITCHEN- Share a photo of you helping in the kitchen. You can help make a healthy snack or meal or do the dishes.

Wednesday: WHAT ARE YOU READING?- Share a photo of yourself reading to either a stuffed toy, your parents, brother or sister.

Thursday: GIVE A SHOUT OUT! Give a shout out to a friend you miss. Don’t forget your teachers too. Record a 10 second video and share it.

Friday: ENJOY THE FRESH AIR- Share a photo of yourself outside your house while keeping social distancing.