Oakman School News

Oakman Virtual Field Day, Friday May 8th

K-2 Choices – Send something in and you will receive a prize!: 

  • Create an obstacle course “Ninja Warrior style” and send the results to your classroom teacher/Ms. Coach on how you do timed and how you did compared to your family members!
    • Use a tent to go under or through, cones, chairs, couches, trees, swingset, musical chairs, etc. Get creative!!
  • Remember a Field Day activity we’ve done in the past that was indoors or outdoors and re-create it, do it, show me or email your teacher/Ms. Coach about how it went!
    • Balancing, sponge or egg races, shoe kicks, tug of war, 2 liter bowling, frisbee, ball drop kicks, etc. 

3-5 Choices: 

  • You know what to do, like we’ve been practicing for the last 3 weeks. Send me in your scorecards and you may get a prize! Do 7-10 event cards please!