Oakman School News

Dearborn Public Library Services

Below are some direct links for library activities and services

Library Website: https://dearbornlibrary.org  This includes searching the library catalog to place requests and a tile to use Shelf Help.

Information about Curbside Servicehttps://dearbornlibrary.org/wordpress/curbside-pickup/

Shelf Helphttps://dearbornlibrary.org/wordpress/new-shelf-help-service/  Shelf Help is a service that gives people who don’t know specifically what they want the ability to answer a few questions and have a librarian select and reserve books for Curbside Pickup.

Library Virtual Classroom Visitshttps://dearbornlibrary.org/wordpress/library-visit/   While this link talks about physical visits, it can be used to request Virtual Visits.

BookLetters Signup: http://library.booksite.com/5469/signup/?list=NLSGN  This will let you sign up for all of the library newsletters.<https://d>

Library Events Calendar: http://dearbornlibrarymi.evanced.info/signup/calendar?ag=&et=&dt=mo&mo=&df=calendar&cn=0&private=0&ln=ALL   This will have links to all of the storytimes and announcements and signups for other library events.