Oakman School News

Sports Day!

We love seeing our Oakman Lions participating in Spirit Week!! Tomorrow is Pajama Day!

Abu Rus and Sanders
Mrs. Rawson and Fatima A
Ali A.
Mr. Abu-Rus and Ismail Family
Mr. Abu-Rus with future Oakman Lion-Aline
Adam H.
Sara A.
Mrs. Fowler
Miss. Logel
Razannah A.
Ameen A.
Hawra A.
Ahmed E
Miss. Hoffman
Amira A and Mr. Abu-Rus
Miss. Younce and Mr. Abu-Rus
Alayana A.
Fatima A.
Reham A. and Beyan A.
Rawan A
Mohammad A.
Omar A.
Mohammed A.
Maryam A
Hussein H.
Mr. Abu-Rus and Rama
Eslam H.
Siddiq and Erdughan M