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Parents and staff are requested to use our updated daily COVID screener.

Quarantine requirements

If you or your child have been told you are a close contact for a COVID positive case outside of school, please follow the updated quarantine guidelines.  For example, anyone else in a household with a COVID positive person is considered a close contact and would need to follow the quarantine directions.

At the direction of the Wayne County Health Department, Dearborn Public Schools is no longer tracking close contacts in schools. If a COVID case is confirmed in a classroom, the class will receive a letter, but quarantine will not be required.  Obviously, if someone develops symptoms they need to isolate and get tested.  Our new quarantine guidance is for those exposed outside of school.

Anyone who is fully vaccinated or who had a positive test for COVID in the last 90 days does not need to quarantine, but they are required to watch for symptoms for 10 days and wear a well-fitting mask at all times while they are on school grounds.  The county currently defines fully vaccinated as anyone who is two weeks past the last dose for their vaccine – two doses for Moderna and Pfizer and one dose for Johnson and Johnson. 

Those who are not fully vaccinated can quarantine for 10 days after their exposure.  However, they are allowed to return as early as Day 6 if they meet ALL of the following conditions:

  • You have not developed any symptoms and have not tested positive for COVID AND
  • Test negative for COVID on day 5 AND
  • Continue to wear a well-fitting mask for the next five days.

Isolation requirements

Isolation applies to any one who has tested positive for COVID or who has symptoms and has not yet received a negative test result or other diagnosis. For isolation, day 0 is the first day of symptoms or the date of the positive test.

Those in isolation may return as early as Day 6, if you meet ALL of the following conditions:

  • Fever free for 24 hours without using fever reducing medications AND
  • Significant improvement in symptoms or are without symptoms AND
  • Continue to wear a well-fitting mask through day 10.

Students and staff should continue to stay home past day 6 if they do not feel well. Student absences are automatically excused through 10 days after the start of the illness.

The latest COVID information on the district’s COVID information page.


COVID screening tool – updated 1/11/22

Quarantine and isolation requirements – updated 1/11/22