Oakman School News

Note from Mr. Abu-Rus

May 31, 2023


Our school year is quickly coming to a close but there is still plenty of teaching and learning to share. All of our remaining days are filled with meaningful instruction and valuable lessons found in our curriculum. 

I understand that there have been some notices posted on social media encouraging parents to keep their children home from school on Thursday, June 1st.   Some of those notices even go as far as incorrectly stating that we are hosting school assemblies that do not pertain to our curriculum or instruction.  I trust our community to see through these inaccurate rumors.  

Throughout the year we host a variety of assemblies that support our curriculum, provide students with hands-on experiences, and overall enhance the learning environment. 

There are no assemblies or special guest visitors scheduled for tomorrow at our school. 

We always respect the rights of parents to do what they feel is best for their child.  However, each school day offers new opportunities for learning and growing. I hope that our families will not be scared away from school based on inaccurate and/or untrue information. 

I look forward to seeing all of our wonderful students in school on Thursday for a regular day of teaching and learning.

Thank you,

Mr. Abu-Rus