R.O.A.R Announcements

Monday’s Word of the Day was…compassionate! Compassionate is feeling or showing sympathy and concern for others. If someone shows kindness, caring & willingness to help others, they are showing compassion. Have your child share some ways they can show compassion.

Tuesday: Ice Day

Wednesday’s Thought of the Day: “A positive attitude can really make dreams come true”.

Thursday’s Act of Kindness: Haidar Alhuri helped a 2nd grader find his brothers classroom. Afnan Hassan brought coffee for many teachers for Valentine’s Day! Also, many Oakman students showed their spirit by passing out valentines and spreading acts of kindness!

Stay tuned for next week’s announcements!

Burn Drive

Firefighters save lives nearly every day, and the Burn Drive helps Dearborn firefighters improve the lives of even more. 

The Dearborn firefighters always support Oakman, so let’s support them. Please donate any amount. Every year Oakman raises hundreds of dollars to donate to those less fortunate than we are. 

Milk Carton Challenge

Coach Southers presented Oakman students with a challenge to build the most creative tower out of milk cartons! Students accepted and conquered the challenge!

Mrs. Gartha’s & Miss. Habhab’s class won the smoothie party! 

Mrs. Shooshanian’s (PreK) & Mrs. Mehrhof’s (Y5) class “Oakman School”

Mrs. Fowler’s & Mrs. Rawson’s kindergarten class “Christmas Tree”

Ms. Hoffman’s & Ms. Younce’s 1st grade class “Gingerbread house”

Ms. Earle & Mrs. Patterson 2nd grade class “The Pyramids of Egypt”

Ms. Logel’s & Ms. Hespen’s class “Giant milk carton”

Mrs. Elward & Mrs. Mosed class “Jumping with Jill”

WINNERS of the milk carton contest: Mrs. Gartha & Ms. Habhab’s class “2019”

Thanksgiving Food Drive

Congratulations to Oakman students for raising 1,705 cans and non-perishable food items in only a week and a half! All items will be picked up by HYPE and distributed to families in need.

Ms. Hoffman’s Class collected 396 items and wins a pizza party!

Also, thank you to Mrs. Gartha’s awesome 5th grade class who gave up their gym time to collect, count and pack the items!

Way to go Oakman Lions!

Mrs. Gartha’s class helping pack up canned goods.

Mrs. Gartha’s class sorting canned goods.

Mrs. Gartha’s class helping pack canned goods.