Last Week of October

The Book Fair is open in the upstairs library everyday before school, at lunch time and after school.

Pumpkin Voting Contest is still on. See pictures below. Will your child win the class pumpkin to take home for Halloween? Tickets sold in class.

Tuesday: Pumpkin Patch

Send $1 for children in k-2 for the Pumpkin Patch.

Pumpkins will be sold after school and on Wednesday.

Wednesday: Bake Sale

Send your goodies with your child’s name on it please.  We have new toys in the treasure chest. Each child will receive a token of appreciation for bringing in cookies, cupcakes, cakes, and candy for the bake sale.


There has been a time change!! The BOO BASH will open from 5-6:30pm and entry will be at door #12 only.  Entrance will cost $2 per child which includes a

free laser tag ticket at Zap Zone worth $7 in the goody bag. All people entering will be charged except for babies in a stroller.

NO CHILDREN WILL BE ADMITTED WITHOUT A PARENT OR ONE HIGH SCHOOL SIBLING.  This is not a hangout for middle or high  school children with their friends. You must be in attendance with a relative from Oakman School. The door will be monitored by staff which will use their discretion. Parents are to move with their child from room to room. Please do not sit in the cafeteria while your children run around the school.

Thursday: 4th graders go to Lansing.

Friday: PTA meeting in the cafeteria discussing the upcoming election next Tuesday as well as all PTA budget and plans for the year. Come see how the  PTA spends your money and how we advocate for your child.

Whew! What a busy, busy week at Oakman School!!


Pumpkin Contest, The Book Fair, Nacho Sale, Picture Day, Pumpkin Patch, Boo Bash OH MY!!


Voting begins for the Pumpkin Contest. Each vote will cost your child a quarter. Winner will be announced on Wednesday at the Boo Bash. Your child may win one of the pumpkins to take home for Halloween.

The Book Fair will open. Teachers will bring their class to the media center tomorrow for  a preview and they can begin to purchase. Our goal is $2000 in sales.

The PTA will sell nachos after school tomorrow.


PICTURE DAY! Dress in your best for pictures. Fill out the form. Extras are in the office.You must purchase a package in order to buy EXTRA pictures. You can pay in cash the exact change or you can make a check to Lifetouch.

Send $1 for the pumpkin patch.


Pumpkin Patch.

$1 fee to purchase a pumpkin and participate.  Only one pumpkin per child.


Boo Bash @ 6pm. More information to follow.


Get a $10 Giftcard. Why Go All The Way To Costco When You Can Come in NOW to Oakman School And Get Your Membership Instead?

If you are thinking about getting a Costco membership or renewing your old one come to Oakman School NOW  from 11am to 1:15 to the teacher’s lounge.  Make sure you sign in to the office first.

A representative from Costco will be here register  staff and parents.  It is $55 for a regular membership,  but you will get a $10 giftcard to spend in the club if you sign up tomorrow.


Costco Membership

If you are thinking about getting a Costco membership or renewing your old one come to Oakman School at 11 am to the teacher’s lounge. Sign in to the office first please.

A representative from Costco will be here to sign up staff and parents.  It is $55 for a regular membership,  but you will get a $10 giftcard to spend in the club if you sign up tomorrow.


Did You Know? Just look what our PTA can do!!

Did you attend the PTA Eid Celebration at Zap Zone last Wednesday? Over $200 came back to our PTA from this event.


How about Smoke on The Grill in September? Over $300 will come back to our PTA from this event.



The Oakman moms and a couple of dads  are hard at work raising funds to support school activities and  fund items which the district cannot anymore.

Did you know your donations have provided fresh apples and granola bars for each day of the MEAP from Greenland Supermaket?  One family donated several cases of water for every child to refresh with during testing for several days.

Did you know your donations from last year purchased 6  filtered water fountains for our very aged building? They cost  $3800.

Your money also bought  300 dictionaries for classroom use.  This cost $4k as well.

With the click of a button every day and a only a second of your time, your vote on Facebook at the beginning of this year earned $334 from Target and $350 from Avery Boxtops. Little effort, big rewards!

Did you know the  PTA covers part of your child’s field trip money so you don’t pay the full amount?

Do you know anyone who would like to donate to our school from their business? If so let us know.

Support your PTA and send in your $8 membership with your child this week. Every penny counts as you can see.  Each membership is your voice! Your child’s class may win the pizza party as well. Mrs. Rawson’s kindergarten is in the lead. Mrs. Sulecki’s is second. Way to go kindergarteners!!!

So when we call for your help, please come! And when we ask for your support, please pay! It is for your children!

Thank you to Ms. Rose Harb, Ms. Amged Monyidden, Ms. Mahera Jadallah, Ms. Nouhad Sayed and Ms. Lina Faraj for their expertise and teamwork as the BEST PTA BOARD MEMBERS IN DEARBORN.

And thank you to all the moms who put in their time  helping to sell pizza, nachos,  ice cream, make popcorn,  go on field trips, and support and work the bake sales as well as set up and clean up after events. Putting a smile on a child’s face is the best reward you have achieved.  We are busy making memories at Oakman School!





The SMART Bond . Information in Arabic and English


The Dearborn Board of Education will be placing a $76 million bond proposal on the November 5, 2013 ballot. The revenue generated from the proposal would provide funding for Security, Modifications, Additions, Remodeling, Technology, and Transportation. The bond is being called the S.M.A.R.T. Bond, an acronym for the projects included in the proposal.

A need to provide additional security, increased student numbers, an aging inventory of buildings (35 total with 23 ranging from 50 to 90 years old), state required on-line testing, an aging fleet of busses, and an 8.1 percent decline in funding from the state over the last five years have all contributed to the need for the district to seek a voter approved bond. The district has 19,100 students with over 6,200 of them added during the last 26 consecutive years of enrollment gains.

“This proposal addresses several building issues that need immediate attention in our district, provides funding to meet our current and future technology plans, and will allow us to replace around 30 buses,” commented Brian Whiston, Superintendent of the Dearborn Public Schools.

A voter approved bond project would not increase the current 5.81 mill rate taxpayers are currently paying due to the retirement of existing bond debt.

Community members can find out more information, leave comments, ask questions, and engage in a constructive dialogue at a special website dedicated to providing information only on the 2013 S.M.A.R.T. Bond

مشروع اقتراح السندات الذكي

يطرح المجلس التربوي في ديربورن مشروع ومقترح السندات بقيمة 76 مليون دولارا للاقتراع في 5 نوفمبرتشرين الثاني,2013. يوفر الاقتراح ايرادات لتمويل جهاز الامن في المدارس,اضافات, تعديلات, تكنولوجيا ووسائل النقل.

ان الحاجة الى جهاز امن جديد, ازدياد عدد الطلاب, المباني القديمة (23 مدرسة عمرها بين 50-90 سنة), الامتحانات عبر الكمبيوتر, وسائل النقل القديمة, وخفض اليزانية العامة بنسبة8.1 بالمئة من قبل الولايةعلى مدى الخمس سنوات الماضية ساهمت جميعها للبحث على مشروع السندات. كما ان المحافظة لديها اكثر من 19000 طالب مع زيادة 6200 طالب خلال السنوات ال26 سنة الفائتة.

“يتناول هذا الاقتراح العديد من القضايا مثل المباني القديمة التي تحتاج عناية فورية, تمويل خطط التكنولوجيا الحالية و المستقبلية, واستبدال 30 حافلة نقل” علق المدير المراقب لمدارس ديربورن براين وستون.

من شأن مشروع السندات المطروح للاقتراع عدم زيادة النسبة الضريبة 5.81 التي يتم دفعها حاليا بسبب سندات التقاعد.

ويمكن لافراد المجتمع معرفة المزيد من المعلومات، ترك التعليقات، وطرح الأسئلة، والانخراط في حوار بناء على شبكة الانترنت على الموقع التالي:

Proposed 2013 SMART BOND

The areas that will be addressed in our 2013 SMART Bond include:

· Safety

· Modifications

· Additions

· Renovations

· Technology and Transportation

Factors that have led the district to making a decision on moving forward with a voter approved bond and reasons that now is the best time to pursue this program include:

1. Over the last five years the Dearborn Public Schools has had an 8.1% decrease in the per-student funding amount provided by the state of Michigan resulting in fewer dollars available for general maintenance of the district’s 35 buildings, technology, and busses.

2. During the same five year time period the amount of general fund dollars the district has been able to commit to the upkeep and maintenance of facilities has decreased from just over $5 million dollars per budget year to just around $1 million per budget year.

3. The Dearborn Public Schools has 35 buildings with an average age of 58 years. Twenty three buildings are between 50 and 90 years old with 11 of those buildings being over 80 years old. Two buildings in the district are over 90 years old. This aging inventory of buildings has led to increased maintenance cost in order to continue to provide students with a safe, healthy, and energy efficient learning environment.

4. The district has experienced annual enrollment growth over the past twenty-five years gaining more than 6,800 students across the district. Although the growth has been good for the district the additional numbers have had an impact on building capacities and stretched school resources.

5. The state of Michigan is requiring school districts to move to a testing model that requires all students to have access to on-line testing. The state has not provided any funding to cover the hardware, software, and training cost associated with this massive increase in the daily use of technology in the classroom.

6. New security systems at each school will help create a more secure school environment, an issue that many parents have addressed with the district.

7. The district has not purchased a new bus for its fleet of nearly 100 busses in 4 years and the average age of a district bus is 9 years old. The aging fleet results in more resources dedicated to maintaining a safe and “road ready” fleet of busses.

8. The district has shown good stewardship of tax dollars by refinancing bonds at lower interest rates saving tax payers millions of dollars.

9. The district has not asked the voters for funds for capital improvements since the 2002 bond. That proposal saw all projects completed on time and on budget.

10. A voter approved bond project would not increase the mill. rate that taxpayers are currently paying due to the retirement of existing bond debt.

مشروع السندات المقترح لعام


المواضيع التي يتم تناولها في مشروع السندات هي التالية:

· السلامة

· تعديلات

· اضافات للمباني

· تجديدات

· تكنولوجيا والنقل

هناك العديد من العوامل والاسباب التي دفعت المقاطعة الى اتخاذ القرار بالمضي بهذا المشروع مع الناخبين في هذا الوقت وهي كما يلي:

1. على مدى الخمس سنوات الماضية تم خفض التمويل للتلاميذ بنسبة 8.1 بالمئة في مدارس ديربورن العامة والتي تقدمها ولاية ميشغن مما ادى الى انخفاض ميزانية 35 مدرسة من ناحية الصيانة, التكنولوجيا والباصات(حافلات النقل).

2. خلال نفس الفترة الزمنية ولمدة خمس سنوات خسرت المقاطعة من الميزانية العامة المخصصة لاعمال الصيانة من 5 مليون (سنويا) الى 1 مليون (سنويا).

3. معدل العمر ل 35 مدرسة في ديربورن58 سنة, 23 منها يراوح عمرها ما بين 50-90 سنة, 11 منها يزيد عمرها عن 80 سنة, 2 من المدارس تزيد عن 90 عاما مما حمل المقاطعة الكثير من الانفاق على اعمال الصيانة لمواصلة تأمين بيئة تعليمية صحية وسليمة لجميع الطلاب.

4. شهدت المقاطعة ازدياد في التسجيل والالتحاق بمدارس ديربورن العامة (اكثر من 6800 طالب). على الرغم من ان هذا النمو في عدد الطلاب مؤشر جيد ولكنه اثر على القدرات والموارد في المدارس.

5. تطلب ولاية ميشغن من المدارس الاتجاه الكلي نحو امتحان الطلاب عبر الانترنت ولم تقم الولاية بتقديم التمويل للاجهزة والبرمجة وتكاليف الدورات التدريبية على استعمال الهائل للتكنولوجيا بشكل يومي.

6. سوف تساعد اجهزة الامان بخلق بيئة اكثر امنا في كل مدرسة وهي مسألة تناولها الاهالي مع المقاطعة.

7. لم يتم شراء اي نوع من الباصات(الحافلات) خلال السنوات الاربع الماضية ويراوح متوسط العمر لهذه الحافلات 9 سنوات مما يضاعف مصاريف الصيانة لبقاء هذه الحافلات جاهزة وخالية من اي خلل.

8. لقد اظهرت المقاطعة اشرافا جيدا على الاموال الضريبية عن طريق اعادة تمويل السندات بفائدة اقل مما وفر الكثير من الاموال على المواطنين(الذين يدفعون الضرائب).

9. لم تطلب المقاطعة اي نوع من الاموال من الناخبين منذ العام 2002 لزيادة وتحسين راس المال حيث تم انجاز تلك المشاريع في الوقت المحدد ولم تفوق الميزانية.

10.ومن شأن هذا المشروع عدم زيادة معدل الضرائب التي يتم دفعها حاليا بسبب قانون سندات التقاعد.

This Week 10-21 to 10-25

Monday:  PTA Membership Sale. If you have not joined your child’s class in PTA membership please do so now. We are at our lowest in parent memberships in four years. Your child’s class may win a pizza party if they have the highest number in participation. Each adult pays $8 and supports Oakman School. Forms are in the office with Ms. Amged.

Tuesday:  Meap Testing

Wednesday:   Meap Testing

Germ Assembly for k-2 @ 9am in the gym

Thursday: Costco Membership Renewals @ 11am in the teacher’s lounge for anyone interested.

School Store

Friday:  Pumpkin Contest on display. Voting begins.

Pizza, popcorn or nacho sale after school.

Parents!!! Please offer to help your child’s teacher with decorating the class pumpkin. Once the class has chosen a theme you can volunteer your time or donate the supplies. Thank you.



Back To School

School resumes on Thursday, October 17th at 8:35 am.

It is cold outside so please make sure your child has a warm jacket.

Also be sure to check previous posts on this blog. We have 215 subscribers!!
Here you will find important office alerts, PTA information and general information from Dearborn Public Schools.

We hope you enjoyed your break and are ready to come back to school in full swing!