Back to School

Students return to school at 8:35am. Breakfast is served at 8am.
School store is every Wednesday. Children can buy pencils, erasers and fun items afterschool.
The 2nd grade parent meeting in the classroom begins at 9am promptly on Wednesday morning the 9th.
The 3rd grade parent meeting in the classroom begins at 9am promptly on Thursday morning the 10th. Please leave small children at home.

Ms. Dakroub is looking for some help. Do you have a gently used stroller with an infant car seat that you are finished with? It must be in mint condition please. She is also looking for a crib and bassinet. If you have any of these items and would like to donate them to charity please call her at 827-6511.

Also, if you have any old cell phones or small ink cartridges from your home computer printer please send them to our recycling center. Oakman School earns money for recyling these items. Do not send batteries please. You can put batteries in a ziploc bag and put them in your own green bin. Every child that brings Ms. Dakroub a recycling item gets a treat from her. 

Lastly, please start collecting box tops from cereal boxes. We are asking for box tops, not the paper labels. They look like this.

We are trying very hard to earn money to supplement what the state has taken away from us. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT!

Boo Bash today 10-28-11

Wow! What a busy and wonderful week it has been. The children LOVED the pumpkin patch yesterday. Thank you to the volunteers who helped spread the hay and pumpkins.  What a delight to see the children running and picking theirs.

Come tonight and see the classroom pumpkins on display. We have some amazing and creative designs and the votes are mounting. Whose class will win the pizza party?

Thank you for all the candy and  bake sale items sent this week. Our parents are amazing! The support to the PTA and Oakman staff is evident and we feel it. So many families have donated money as well to help with this week’s event. The PTA has been asked to pay for the buses to Lansing ($600)  for 4th grade and these events will support that request.

Tonight’s Boo Bash begins at 6pm. Masks are allowed. No play guns or knives permitted with a scary costume. The entrance fee is $1 including a candy bag. NO highschool or middle school students permitted if they are not the family of an Oakman student.

Cafeteria: Book Bingo, pizza for $1 per slice, pop, candy, baked goods, and popcorn for sale, $0.50.

Gym: Two short Halloween movies, 25 minutes each. Entrance times to be posted.

Rm 1. Scary Songs Sing Along. Entrance times posted.

Rm 2. Scary Story Reading. Entrance times posted.

Art Room: Halloween crafts. One per child please!

Please adhere to the entrance times outside the door and do not interrupt performances.

After the movies at 7pm, Ms. Lewy’s choir will perform Halloween songs in the gym.

Then we will raffle the pumpkins and see which child gets to take one home.

Lastly we will raffle the other items. Up for grabs are a HYPE athletic membership for a year, a Disney jacket worth $80, a gift card to Walgreens, two salon gift cards, and a fun academic play set.

Come join us for the fun!

PARENTS, do not send your children alone. You are expected to accompany them.

Bake Sale on Thursday at Lunch. Voting for Pumpkin Contest Begins Tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the bake sale. Please send in baked goods for us to sell at lunchtime and the Boo Bash. Each child that donates will get a token of appreciation from the last Book Fair. Really cool stuff is up for grabs. You can send juice boxes, soft cookies, mini cakes, donuts, candy apples, CUPCAKES, pastries, sfoof, etc. Do not send candy. We have enough thank you!

Tomorrow is the Pumpkin Patch for K-3. Make sure your child brings a dollar to participate. Lend a hand to help put the pumpkins out at 8:30am. It is alot of fun and the kids will be so excited.

We will be decorating the gym for the Boo Bash afterschool. If you would like to help, come to the gym at 3:25.

The Pumpkin Contest begins tomorrow. Each class has decorated a pumpkin and it is on display in the  hall. Each vote costs $0.25.  Whose class is going to win the pizza party?  Will your child win the raffle and take the pumpkin home?

Do you remember the beautiful movie we made for the Anti Bullying assembly? Maybe your child was in it. It will be for sale at the Boo Bash for $5 each. Proceeds will go to the Oakman Fund.

Entrance fee to the Boo Bash which includes a candy bag is $1 per person. Babies in strollers are free. Pizza, pop, candy, baked goods, and popcorn will be for sale in the cafeteria. You can also play Book Bingo and win a prize. In the art room you can do Halloween crafts. In the gym, you can join in on one of two short Halloween cartoons. In the classrooms, you can listen to teachers playing the guitar, or attend a spooky story reading. Times will be posted outside the door for entry. At the end of the evening Ms. Lewy’s choir will perfrom special Halloween songs and we will announce the winners of the pumpkin contest and of the raffle items. JOIN US FOR THE FUN!

Updates 10-25-11


Candy Bags are complete. Thank you to all the volunteers that helped Ms. Harb put them together and to all the families that sent in a bag of chocolate or candy. We made over 400 bags!  Great teamwork.

Some parents have been volunteering their time to help decorate the classroom pumpkin for the teacher. Third grade pumpkins are finished and look wonderful! Thank you Ms. Sayed and Ms. Salameh for coming. If you would like to help decorate the classroom pumpkin too, just let your child’s teacher know.

Congratulations to Youseph Jadallah AGAIN  for being the top seller for our Frankenmuth fundraiser. He is awarded a bicycle. His family sold over $1800 in goods from the catalog and this helps increase funds for Oakman School. THANK YOU JADALLAH FAMILY!

The Pumpkin Patch is on Thursday. This event is only for k-3 children. Each child must pay $1 to participate. They will go outside and pick their pumpkin from our field.

Bake sale on Thursday at lunch and on Friday at the Boo Bash. Please send as many cupcakes as you can and beat the rush at the bakery.

Boo Bash details to follow soon. YAY!


This Week 10/24 to 10/28, 2011. Please print


 Lot’s of fun is coming your way this week at Oakman School. It is going to be a very busy week and you need to be informed of all the events.

  • Picture day is Monday, Oct. 24th.  Payment is due with the order form.

  • There will be a parent/teacher meeting for all Kindergarten parents on Wednesday, October 26th, at 9am in the classrooms with the teacher and your child. There will be another parent meeting for all 1st Grade parents the following day on Thursday, Oct. 27th at 9am. Please leave younger siblings at home so you can sit with your child one on one. No strollers in the classrooms.

  • Field Trip to the zoo for Ms. Earle and Ms. Hespen on Wednesday, Oct. 26th.

  •  Please send $1 with your child to purchase a pumpkin and participate in the Pumpkin Patch event on Thursday, October 27thThis year it is only for K-3.Don’t let your child miss this fun outdoor event. They will go out to the hay patch and pick the pumpkin of their choice. Thank you to Hajj Haidar and Hajj Wissam of Mini Greenland Market for their generosity.

  • Thank you to The Dearborn Farm Market on Monroe for donating 12 large pumpkins for our pumpkin contest. Please send craft items like buttons, yarn, bottle caps, googly eyes and anything you can think of to help your child’s teacher decorate and win the Pumpkin Contest on Friday, October 28th. Each class will carve or paint their own pumpkin and decorate it to compete with the other 11 classrooms. Your child can vote for their favorite one too. Each vote ticket costs $0.25 and your child could win the pumpkin of their choice. Volunteers in the classroom are needed for this fun event. Let your teacher know you want to help decorate. The pumpkin that gets the most votes wins a pizza party for their class! Also,  other items will be for raffle near the pumpkins. Try your luck!

  • There will be a bake sale on Thursday, October 27th. These items will be sold at lunch and at the Boo Bash. We ask that you send fresh baked goods on Thursday or Friday like cupcakes, donuts, soft cookies, brownies, mini cakes, muffins, and juice boxes. We are accepting the items on Thursday to beat the rush at the bakery.  The PTA bought awesome trinkets from the Book Fair to give to the children in appreciation for donating to October’s Bake Sale.

  • On Friday, October 28th join the PTA and Oakman Staff for the Boo Bash.  Entrance fee is $1 that includes a candy bag. There will be pizza (thank you to the Hassan, Jomaa and Mused families for their donations) and Book Bingo in the cafeteria, Halloween crafts in the art room, movie and popcorn in the gym and Spooky Storytelling in the classrooms.  Children are encouraged to wear their costumes. Masks are allowed. There will be NO costume contest this year. Thank you to Tim Hortons that will be donating 4 boxes of Tim Bits.

  • This event is for Oakman students and families only. NO high school or middle school students allowed entrance if not accompanied by an Oakman student. It is not a hangout! You will be asked to leave the premises.

  • !!!!! Lastly, please send one bag of candy with your child to his/her teacher. The PTA has to make 400 candy bags for the children and guests at the Boo Bash.


Making Memories For Our Children. Join us for some fun!

Parent Meeting Tomorrow in the cafeteria @ 8:45 am

View monthly events on this blog. Just click above on “SCHOOL EVENT CALENDAR” and always be in the loop of our great happenings at Oakman School.


Join Oakman Staff and the PTA Board members.

          The PTA will be having its first meeting of the school year this Thursday October 20th at 8:45am in the cafeteria.  Please drop off your children and join us inside for this important meeting.  We will be talking about the upcoming events, which will include the Pumpkin Contest, the Pumpkin Patch and the Boo Bash!  We will also let you know how much money we have made so far and how we are using it for the students.  Come and share your ideas with us.  There will also be a raffle and refreshments will be served.

See you there!

الاهل الاعزاء،

تدعوكم جمعية الاهل والمدرسين في مدرسة اوكمن الي اجتماعها الاول لهذه السنة وذلك نهار الخميس الواقع في العشرين من الشهر الجاري، اكتوبر، الساعة 8:45 دقيقة صباحاً. الرجاء احضار اولادكم الى المدرسة الانضمام الينا في هذا الاجتماع المهم.  سوف نتحدث عن النشاطات القادمة لهذا العام ومن ضمنها الاحتفالات بعيد الهالووين بالاضافة الى تقديم عرض عن الاموال التى فى حوزتنا وكيفية صرفها لمساعدة المدرسة والطلاب.  نأمل حضوركم لنتبادل الافكار لما فية خير المدرسة.  وسوف يكون هناك سحب وجوائز في نهاية الاجتماع بالاضافة الى المرطبات.