IMPORTANT Parent Meetings for all Grade Levels Begin Tomorrow 12- 4-12

Hello Parents

Teachers request your presence on the dates listed below according to your child’s grade @ 8:45 am in the cafeteria for  parent meetings.

This is a mandatory session for all parents. Parents will sit with their child and do activities led by the teacher. You will see how we teach and how you can help your child at home. It is critical you attend to help increase your child’s academic performance in school.  If you cannot attend please notify the teacher in advance so your child is teamed with another adult.
See dates below.
الاهل الاعزاء،

انتم مدعوون من قبل السيدة و السيدة الى اجتماع نهار الواقع في عند الساعة 8:45 دقيقة صباحاً في قاعة الطعام في مدرسة اوكمن.
هذا الاجتماع الزامي لجميع اولياء امور طلاب الصف سوف يجلس الاهل مع اولادهم ويقومون بنشاطات تعليمية تحت إشراف المعلمة. سوف ترون كيف نعلم الاولاد وكيف يمكنكم مساعدتعم في المنزل. هذا الاجتماع ضروري جداً لمساعدةالاولاد في تحسين مستواهم الاكاديمي. اذا كنتم غير قادرين على الحضور الرجاء ابلاع المدرسين مسبقاً.
نكرر التأكيد على اهميةً حضوركم هذا الاجتماع.

Dec 4th 1st Gr.
Dec. 5th 2nd. Gr @ 9:50 am
Dec. 6th 3rd Gr
Dec. 7th 4th Gr.
Dec. 10th 5th Gr.
Dec 11th K

2nd grade to be announced
All in the cafeteria

Reminders for this week 11-26 to 11-30

Hello Parents,                                                                        11-28-12

Join us this Friday, November 30th at 8:45 am in the cafeteria for our next parent meeting. The meeting will run till 10am.

As we strive to provide the best educational programs for your children we feel it is most important and necessary you become an actively engaged parent in our building.

Join us in brainstorming and reviewing what you feel we are doing well, where we need to improve and how we are going to get there. Your input is invaluable and we are partners in educating your child. See you there!

Refreshments will be served and the PTA will raffle gift cards.

الاهل الاعزاء،

الرجاء الانضمام إلينا نهار الجمعة الواقع في 30  تشرين الثاني/نوفمبر الساعة 8:45 صباحا في قاعة الكافيتريا للمشاركة في اجتماعنا المقبل لللاهل. وسوف يستمر هذا الاجتماع حتى الساعة العاشرة  صباحاً.

ونحن نسعى جاهدين لتقديم أفضل البرامج التعليمية للطلاب،  نرى انه من الضروري ان تكونوا معنا في المدرسة وان تشاركوا في بناء مستقبل اولادكم.

انضموا الينا لنتبادل الأفكار ولاستعراض ما تروه مناسباً وما تروه بحاجة الى تحسين واصلاح، وكيف  نصل الى النتيجة المرجوة. إن مساهمتكم لا تقدر بثمن ونحن شركاء في تعليم اولادكم. نأمل حضوركم!

وسيتم تقديم المرطبات بالاضافة الى السحب والجوائز بنهاية الاجتماع.


  • Wednesday: Parent Teacher Conferences will be tonight and tomorrow evening from 4-7. Please be prompt for your appointment and stay only the allotted time.
  • Thursday : School Store, Peer Mediation @ 8:15 in media center
  • Friday: Popcorn Sale, Parent Meeting in the cafeteria @ 8:45 am.  See note above.



Join us tomorrow at 4pm for movie night in the gym at Oakman School. Join your classmates from school. It is only $2 per person to enter and includes a popcorn bag. Pizza and baked goods will be sold as well.


Coming Up……

PTA Bake Sale tomorrow. Please remember to send your goodies and get a treat from the Treasure Box.

PTA Movie Night on Friday at 4pm. Fee is $2 per person and includes a popcorn bag. Only Oakman students and their families admitted.  Any middle or high school student must have a sibling attending Oakman to enter. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Congratulations to the following students. Please join us tomorrow, Wednesday November 14th at 10am in the gym for an Awards Assembly.

End of 1st Card Marking

Students of the Month with Academic Honors
Mariam Aoun
Zaynab Jomaa
Rana Soofi
Amneah Asad
Hadia Chami
Marwa Alubaidy
Rabieh Dabaja
Mohamad Daher
Marwa Saleh
Amira Said
Maya Dabaja
Douaa Daher
Bashir Ashaweh Gym
Sheirin Alrefaai Art
Luma Jaafar Music

Bucket fillers
K Charara – Fatima Obeid
K Sulecki- Sheirin Alrefaai
1st Hespen – Mohamed Haidar
1st Nasir – Ibrahim Alzawawi
2nd Rydlicki – Charles Diggins
2nd Earle – Fatme Akel
3rd Logel – Fatema Dabaja
3rd Elward – Hadil Bittar
4th Bazzi – Danielle Darwish
4th Habhab – Halah Barjas
5th Flemming – Amanda Naeem
5th Garth – Lillian Nashar

Peer Mediators
Rame Charara
Kawthar Hassan
Janine Altairy
Houda Assli
Said Jomaa
Israa Saad
Danielle Darwish
Bashir Ashaweh
Mohamad Berri