For this Week 10-16 to 10-19

  • Meap testing will end on Wednesday. Thank you to the PTA parents who contributed and distributed snacks during this time. Good luck to Oakman with the results!


Dear Parents,

Please join Mr. Awada and his staff in the cafeteria for our first parent meeting this Thursday October 18th at 8:45am.

Join us as we discuss our “Title I” plan and see how we spend our federal funds to educate your child. It is YOUR right to know this information and YOUR right to hear how we operate. Come share ideas with us and give your input to help improve our plans for the new academic year at Oakman School. Be our partners in education and have a voice.

Refreshments will be served and the PTA will hold a raffle after their meeting as well. See you there!

اولياء الامور الاعزاء،

يدعو مدير المدرسة السيد رضوان عواضة الجميع للمشاركة في الاجتماع الاول للاهل لهذا العام نهار الخميس الواقع في 18 تشرين الاول/اكتوبر الساعة 8:45 دقيقة صباحاً قاعة الطعام (الكافيتريا).

 سوف نناقش في هذا الاجتماع خطة تحسين المدرسة وكيفية انفاق اموال الحكومة الاتحادية لتعليم الطلاب.  من حقكم معرفة هذه المعلومات والاطلاع على كل ما يجري في المدرسة.  نأمل حضوركم لنتبادل الافكار ونسمع مقترحاتكم حول خطة تحسين المدرسة لهذا العام.  كونوا شركائنا في التعليم وفي رفع مستوى المدرسة.

سوف نقدم بعض المرطبات وستقوم جمعية الاهل والمدرسين
(PTA) بتوزيع الجوائز في نهاية الاجتماع عن طريق السحب.

الرجاء الحضور.


Dearborn Firefighters Visit Oakman School 10-3-12

Thank you Dearborn Firefighters for your presentation today.  We raised $284 for the Burn Drive and Dearborn Education Foundation. Great job Oakman students and families!

Burn Drive Fundraiser Tomorrow Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

Tomorrow all students are asked to wear a red or pink SHIRT to school.

The Dearborn Fire Department will be here at 9:30am for a demonstration with their trucks. In support of the Burn Drive, we will be wearing red or pink and donating a minimum of $1 to their charity. Let’s give them our support and make a donation. All children that contribute to the Burn Drive will be photographed by the  truck. Last year Oakman School won 1st place above all schools for their donation. Let’s do it again!

The Burn Drive has donated beds, clothing, furniture and money to needy Oakman Families in the past and we would like to thank them. Please send your donation with your child tomorrow 10-03-12