Pajama Day 12-10-10

Hello Parents,
Tomorrow is Pajama Day at Oakman School. Everyone is going to be wearing their pajamas in support of the Dearborn Firefighters Burn Drive. Each child is asked to donate a minimum of $2 to participate. Even if your child does not wear their pajamas to school we are asking everyone to donate to this good cause. Any amount will help. First place prize to the class that raises the most money will be a pizza party and second place will get an ice cream party. Help your child’s class win!
Oakman School has called upon the Dearborn Firefighters many times to help families and students within our community They have always pulled through for us and now it is our turn to give back.

Please adhere to the school dress code. We will send home children who wear see-through pajamas, short nightgowns, and cut off tops. Please dress children appropriately. Also, we ask that the children not wear their slippers for safety reasons. It is going to be a very fun day!.

Late Start Wednesday, Dec. 8

School starts at 9:35 am tomorrow morning.

There will be a 4th grade curriculum parent meeting on Thursday morning at 8:45 am in the cafeteria. Presentations will be by Ms. Bazzi and Ms. Earle.

Pajama Day is this Friday. Please send $2 or more for your child to participate. All proceeds go to charity and the class that raises the most money gets a pizza party. Help us to help the needy.

Coming Events 12-6-10

The CAN THE PRINICIPAL food fundraiser is on all week. Great job getting those food items in! We think Mr. Awada is actually going to be canned this year! Each child is asked to donate 10 cans for the needy. The class that collects the most cans will win a pizza party. Also, you can send new hats and mittens for our tree. These will be donated to those less fortunate than we are.

1. Join us this Monday, Dec 6th at 9am in the gym for our next Bucketfiller Assembly. If you know your child is a student of the month, come and watch as he/she is honored.
2. NO Ecology Club on Tuesday morning at 8am. Instead we will have Chess and Ignite meet in the media center.
3. LATE START ON WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 8TH. School begins at 9:35am. No clubs in the morning.
4. School store opens after school on Wednesdays.
5. On Thursday, Dec. 9th at 8:45am there will be a 4th grade curriculum parent meeting in the cafeteria. Ms. Bazzi and Ms. Earle will present their expectations for your child in their classroom. This is a very important parent meeting for all 4th grade families.
6. Friday, Dec. 10th, Ignite students to meet at 8am in the media center.
7. Friday, Dec. 10th, Pajama Day. Each child is to pay $2 to wear their pajamas to school. All proceeds will go to charity. MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD PARTICIPATES AND SUPPORTS THIS GREAT CAUSE. Ms. Jacqui Rivait will visit and read to the students. The class that raises the most money for Pajama Day will win a pizza party.

October Students of the Month

Congratulations to the students featured here who demonstrated good Core Values in our Bucketfiller Program. They were “Caught Doing Something Good” by a teacher or staff member and were honored for this behavior at an assembly in the beginning of November. You should be very proud if your child is here!

Check it Out!

Congratulations to the parents who received a certificate of completion from Ms. Farroukh of ACCESS for completing the Parent Talk Workshop.
Ms. Farroukh spoke of constructive strategies to use when talking with our children. There are specific ways to respond to a child that will bring you the results you seek as a parent. It was a great workshop for all.

PTA Popcorn and Candy Sale 11-12-10

On Friday November 12th, the PTA will be selling popcorn for $0.50 bag. Please send money with your child. They will also be selling candy afterschool between the kindergarten classrooms. There are some big bag items for sale such as cotton candy, bags of m & ms and buckets of candy.

The PTA needs to make 277 candy bags for the children to give away on Monday in celebration of EID. THEY NEED YOUR ASSISTANCE FOR THIS! It will take an hour of your time to help. Please call Ms. Beydoun at 768-5262.


Hello Parents,
Just a reminder that all students K-5 have a late start tomorrow. School begins at 9:35am. If your child has breakfast at school, please ensure they DO NOT arrive before 9am.

Also, please join us tomorrow morning, 11-10, for our last session of the Parent Talk Workshop with Ms. Farroukh of ACCESS at 9:45 am in the cafeteria. Please note the time is also one hour later because of the late start.

On Thursday, November 11th, at 8:45am, all 3rd grade parents are to attend a parent meeting with Ms. Dika and Ms. Logel in the cafeteria. Third grade curriculum and teacher expectations will be discussed.

On Friday, November 12th, there will be a PTA popcron and candy sale. Please send money with your child to purchase. Walgreens donated lots of candy and we are going to sell, sell, sell.
Help support the PTA and thank you.
Also, Ms. Beydoun and the PTA need help packing 277 bags of candy as a gift to the children for the Eid. If you would like to help, let the PTA know at 313 768 5262. One hour of your time is needed this week for the popcorn sale or for packing the candy bags.