ESL Classes to begin 1-24-11 at Oakman School

Oakman School Offers English as a Second Language (ESL) Classes for Oakman Parents!

Would you like to improve your skills in speaking, reading, writing, listening and numeracy?
Would you like to prepare for your citizenship test?
Would you like to help your children with their school work?
Would you like to practice your English using Rosetta Stone or English Discoveries on a computer once a week?

Oakman parents will soon have the opportunity to enroll in an English class. Adult ESL classes are held Monday through Friday at Oakman School beginning Monday, January 24 and ending Friday, April 15, 2011. You must call 313-827-1900 anytime after January 2, 2011 to make an appointment to register. Registration is held at Parkside Church located at 17200 W. Outer Drive (between Ford Rd. and Warren – see #27 on the map below). Registration will be held Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM. Register early to get a seat in the class because ESL classes fill up quickly! The cost of registration is $20 due at the time of registration. You can pay by cash or credit card; we do not accept personal checks. Class placement will be based on the results of the assessments done at registration. Registration will take approximately 2 hours. Please do not bring children with you or another appointment will have to be scheduled. Students enrolling in Adult Education classes must be 20 years or older as of September 1, 2010 and must not be currently enrolled in a high school. ESL students under 20 years are eligible if they have a GED or a high school diploma. All students must provide their Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) and one of the following:

– Driver’s License – State ID
– Birth Certificate – Passport

The following classes are being offered at Oakman:

8:30 – 10:30 High Beginning/ Low Intermediate ESL
10:30 – 12:30 Literacy and Low Beginning ESL
1:00 – 3:00 High Intermediate/Advanced ESL



It’s that time of the year again and the PTA is
having their annual MOVIE NIGHT.
We are very proud to present to you SHREK THE FINAL CHAPTER

Where: the gym
When: Friday, Jan. 14thth
Time: 4-6pm
Cost at Door: $2.00 including entrance fee and one bag of popcorn.
Water, candy and more popcorn is available for sale

نرجوا الأنتباه لقد جاء الوقت مره ثانيه لأقامة
العرض السينمائي السنوي لمدرسة اوكمان الابتدائيه
وبكل فخر نقدم لكم”شرك: الفصل الاخير”

“شرك:الفصل الاخير”

سوف يتم العرض يوم الجمعه الموافق في 14 كانون الثاني/يناير
من الساعه 4:00 وحتى 6:00 في قاعة الملعب الرياضى
الكلفة: دولارين فقط .

ACCESS Parent Meeting tomorrow 1-13-11

Hello Parents,

We at Oakman School understand the stresses of everyday home life in these hard economic times. As a parent, you struggle to meet the needs of your family. This can also put more stress on a marriage, which in turn affects family life. Join us on Thursday January 13th at 8:45 am in the cafeteria with Ms. Mona Farroukh and Ms. Joanna Ladki of ACCESS. We will discuss strategies for building good marital and family relationships.

الاهل الاعزاء،
نحن في مدرسة اوكمن نقدر الظروف الاقتصادية الصعبة الذي تمرون بها الان. كأهل عليكم العمل في ظروف صعبة من اجل تلبية احتياجات عائلاتكم. مما يؤدي الى المزيد من الضغط الذي قد يؤثر على الحياة العائلية. الرجاء الانضمام الينا في 13 يناير الخميس في الساعة 08:45 دقيقة صباحاً في قاعة الكافتيريا مع السيدة منى فروخ والسيدة جوانا لادكى من المركز العربي (اكسس). وسوف نناقش الاسس الفعالة لبناء العلاقات الزوجية والأسرية الجيدة والناجحة.


This is a reminder that the Mobile Dentists Forms are due this Tuesday. If you would like your child’s teeth cleaned and examined at the end of this month, please pick up the application form from the office today or fill out the one sent home last week. This is a free service through Medicaid. If you do not have Medicaid, check off the box for the grant. EVERYONE SHOULD TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS GREAT AND FREE SERVICE FOR OAKMAN STUDENTS.

Mobile Dentist Forms Due

Dear Parents,
Would you like your child’s teeth cleaned and examined?
Mobile Dentists will be coming to Oakman School soon. If you are interested in having your child’s teeth cleaned and examined please fill out the form you received yesterday and send it back to your child’s teacher TOMORROW. If you have Medicaid, write the 10 digit number in the appropriate section. If you have no insurance or Medicaid and want you child’s teeth cleaned check the last box. A grant application will be mailed to you. Make sure you sign the form too.
Please complete the application carefully and legibly. Include your child’s Social Security Number and put a working phone number where you can be reached on the application as well.

Thank you

الاهل الاعزاء،

سوف تزورنا قريباً عيادة طب الاسنان المتنقلة. اذا كنت ترغب في فحص ونتنظيف اسنان ولدك، عليك اتمام الاستمارة المرسلة مع ولدك وارسالها لنا
غداً. الرجاء تسجيل رقم البطاقة الصحية (المديكيد) على الاستمارة. اذا كنتم بدون اي تأمين صحي عليكم الاشارة الى هذا الامر على الاستمارة وسف يرسل لكم طلب لتقديم المساعدة.
يرجى اكمال الاستمارة بعناية وبشكل مقروء وأن تحتوي على رقم الضمان الخاص بولدكم ورقم هاتف شغال.

شكراً لتعاونكم.

Grinch Awada Steals Christmas!

On Friday, December 17th, Mr. Hadder, Mr. Awada, Ms. Hamid, Ms. Oynoian, Ms. Abdalla and Ms. Dakroub entertained Oakman students in celebration of the holidays.