2014-2015 CALENDARS

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14-15 Arabic Conf-Open House-1

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Oakman Welcome Back – Opening Letter 2014-15

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Enjoy your Labor Day weekend and we will see you bright and early for the first day of school.

School begins at 8:35 am and will be a half day on Tuesday, September 2nd.  Class will be dismissed at 11:45am.

اول نهار في المدرسة الثلاثاء 2 ايلول\سبتمبر. ينتهي الدوام 11:45 (نصف نهار).  يبدأ الدوام الكامل نهار الاربعاء 3 ايلول\سبتمبر.


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Last Day in the Summer Media Center Program This Thursday, August 21st from 9am to 12.

This will be the last week of summer media. Students can still check out books and return them the first week of school. Saba Almuthafar was the winner of the Game Design Challenge. Oakman had good representation. Please come to the media center to see the great games that were made.

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MAGNETS, MAGNETS, MAGNETS!!! The Media Center is open every Thursday from 9-12.

Our theme for media this Thursday morning is “It’s Magnetic”. We will explore how magnets work and what they can do. As always, there will be some magnet related books for story time and math and board games.

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Valuable Information to Achieve Academic Success

Hello Parents,
Just one more month and we will be back to school. We hope you enjoyed your time off so far. In order to start the 2014-15 year strongly, we hope you remember all we discussed at our parent meetings throughout the past year.
Have you been going to the My-ON website to practice with your child? Teachers have a record of the scores and participants. Thank you to the families working with us to help their children succeed.
Here is the link:
 www.myon.com.  Please use the green bookmarks with the log-in information given to you in May.
Here is the link to the power point presentations each teacher made for literacy strategies last year. You can get a head start with your children for their upcoming grade.
Our school website has many valuable resources to keep your child practicing and learning.
Students should be reading and writing daily!

Use these bookmarks to guide you in asking questions while your child reads to you.  They are translated into Arabic as well.
The media center at Oakman is open every Thursday from 9-12 with great activities with the librarian. You can check out books as well.  Many great activities can be found at the Centennial Library on Michigan Avenue too. Here you can check out even more books.
Read, read, read and play less video games!  Please monitor the amount of time your child sits in front of a screen whether it be the t.v or computer.
Enjoy the rest of your summer and get ready for the best year yet!

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Rocks, Rocks, Rocks in the Media Center this Thursday from 9-12

This week in media center our theme will be “A Rock is Lively”.

Students are encouraged to bring unusual rocks they have found for us to identify. 

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ACCESS Summer Academy. Only 40 spots left!

There is open registration to Dearborn residents that would like to enroll their child in the ACCESS Summer Academy. 

The ACCESS Summer Academy is usually exclusively for Salina Elementary and Intermediate students, however this year, we have the opportunity to open it up to non-Salina students that live in the Dearborn community. 
We have 10 spots open in each of the following grades: 1 – 3, 5 and 6.  Registration is based on a first-come first-served basis.For more information please contact:

Sarah Shoucair Chaar
Supervisor, Academic & Youth Development Programs
Youth & Education

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Electricity in the Media Center this Thursday from 9 to 12

This week our media center theme is “It’s Electric” We will explore electricity through stories and hands-on experiments with circuits.

Join us!

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VIDEO: Sound Week Look What We Made!


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