Bake Sale and Movie Night Tomorrow – October 17th at 4:30




TIME:  4:30-6:00 All children must be accompanied by an adult

COST: $2.00 per person includes a bag of popcorn


**We will also have pizza, juice, baked goods and other goodies for sale.

 PTA Bake Sale

****Reminder to parents:  We will also be having a bake sale on Friday October 17th,   please send in cookies, cupcakes, doughnuts, brownies, juice boxes and please remember to put your child’s name on it. Each child who brings in something for the bake sale will receive a token of appreciation from the special treasure box in Mrs. Dakroub’s office.


المكان: قاعة الرياضة في مدرسة أوكمن

الزمان: 4:00-6:00 يجب اصطحاب الاولاد مع الكبار

الكلفة: 2$ للشخص الواحد مع كيس من الفوشار

يحدد اسم الفيلم لاحقا

كما سيتم بيع البيتزا, العصير, وغيرها

من قبل مجلس الاهل

****للتذكير: كما سيتم بيع الاكل والمطيبات نهار الجمعة 17 تشرين الاول نرجو من الاهل ارسال الكعك, الدزنتس, العصير, وغيرها وكتابة اسم التلميذ عليها حيث يحصل التلميذ على جائزة من السيدة دكروب.



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This Week 10-13 to 10-17

Monday – Business as usual

Tuesday- Nutrition Vitals Testing and Survey in Music Room

Wednesday- School Store, K goes to the Apple Farm and 1st Gr. goes to the Science Center

Thursday- Nutrition Parent Meeting at 8:50 am in the cafeteria, Nutrition Program- Students begin from 3:45 pm to 4:45 pm.

Friday- BAKE SALE, and MOVIE NIGHT  4:30 pm at door #12.   $2 to enter includes a bag of popcorn.

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In the Press and Guide- Oakman’s Burn Drive Fundraiser

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Principal’s Corner Meeting This Friday, October 10th


Principal’s Corner for October, 2014


Dear Parents,

Please join Mr. Awada and his staff in the cafeteria for our Title ONE Parent meeting this Friday, October 10thth at 8:50 am in cafeteria.

Join us as we discuss our “Title I” plan and see how we spend our federal funds to educate your child. It is YOUR right to know this information and YOUR right to hear how we operate. Come share ideas with us and give your input to help improve our plans for the new academic year at Oakman School. EACH YEAR OUR BUDGET CHANGES so join us and see what is new. Be our partners in education and have a voice.

Also, the coming election is around the corner on Nov 4th. Make sure you can vote!

DID YOU GET YOUR FLU SHOT YET? CVS will be here in the gym at 10 am to give all of you this very important vaccination after the meeting. Just make sure to bring your insurance or Medicaid card with you.



اولياء الامور الاعزاء،


يدعو مدير المدرسة السيد رضوان عواضة الجميع للمشاركة في اجتماع للاهل نهار الجمعة الواقع في 10 تشرين الاول/اكتوبرالساعة 8:50 دقيقة صباحاً قاعة الطعام (الكافيتريا).

 سوف نناقش في هذا الاجتماع خطة تحسين المدرسة وكيفية انفاق اموال الحكومة الاتحادية لتعليم الطلاب.  من حقكم معرفة هذه المعلومات والاطلاع على كل ما يجري في المدرسة.  نأمل حضوركم لنتبادل الافكار ونسمع مقترحاتكم حول خطة تحسين المدرسة لهذا العام.  كونوا شركائنا في التعليم وفي رفع مستوى المدرسة. نريد لفت نظركم بان الانتخابات النصفية ستكون في الرابع من الشهر القادم. نشجع الجميع على المشاركة.

 في نهاية الاجتماع، عند الساعة العاشرة، ستقدم صيدلية ال ( س في اس) لقاح الانفلونزا لجميع الراغبين. الرجاء احضار بطاقة التأمين الصحي.  

نأمل حضور الجميع.





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This Week 10- 14-17

Tuesday: Burn Drive Fundraiser

Wednesday: School Store

Thursday: Kindergarten Bake Sale after school

Friday: Principal’s Corner Parent Meeting at 8:50 am in the cafeteria AND CVS flu shot clinic in the gym at 10 am. Bring your insurance of Medicaid card.  Open to the public.

Box tops: see below. Send them in asap. The PTA needs them! They have made over $200 just from you sending in your boxtops. Keep it up!



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Burn Drive 2014



Did you know we had a wonderful event here at Oakman School yesterday?  All the children went outside and had a photo taken with Dearborn Firemen and their trucks after a fire safety presentation.
Children and staff wore red or pink and donated money to raise funds for the Burn Drive.  We are collecting all week long and will know by Friday how much money was raised to give to the Dearborn Fire Department. The Burn Drive is a non profit organization that comes to the need of Dearborn families burnt out of their homes by fire or  helps the families of sick children get the medical care they need. Oakman School has called the Burn Drive several times for help for our familes. They have come to our need so we are giving back.  If your child did not donate yesterday they still can.

20141007_102808 20141007_103321 20141007_110124 20141007_110154 20141007_110546 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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Dearborn Firefighters at Oakman


Tuesday October 7th the Dearborn Firefighters will be visiting  our school. Please show your support for our community heroes by having your children wear red or pink and sending in 1 dollar or more to donate. We will also be joined by the Press and Guide for a school wide photo with our guests.   As always, thank you for your continued support.

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Fun Times at Oakman in September

PhotoGrid_1411681587971 Smoke on the Grill: Hassan and Jadallah Families attended.

20140924_152228 20140924_152609 20140924_15304920140924_135446 20140924_151851IMG-20140924-WA0000Oh no! Double Trouble!

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             Tomorrow is a  Late Start.     School begins at 9:40 am

يبدأ الدوام ساعة متأخر



يوم احصاء التلاميذ, 

يجب الحضور في الوقت المحدد


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This Week 9-29 to 10-2

This Week At Oakman School

Monday:   NWEA Testing Begins

Each child to bring in one bag of individually wrapped candy and give to their teacher.

Last Day for Hearing Testing


Wednesday:   Late Start!  AND  COUNT DAY!!!

                         All students are required to be on time and in class by 8:40 am for Count Day. It is very important all children attend school today. 

School Store

PTA membership drive ends.  1st and 2nd place Ice Cream Party winners announced.

Thursday:  Eid Goody Bags distributed by end of the day.

Friday and Monday:    NO SCHOOL!


Tuesday Oct 7:  Back to School. ALL STUDENTS ARE ASKED TO WEAR RED AND DONATE $1 or more to the Dearborn Fire Fighters Burn Drive. Each year this organization helps Oakman families in need of daily living essentials and each year Oakman students give back. All students K-5 will go outside and take an school wide photo with the fire trucks at 10:45. WEAR RED PLEASE!

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