Rocks, Rocks, Rocks in the Media Center this Thursday from 9-12

This week in media center our theme will be “A Rock is Lively”.

Students are encouraged to bring unusual rocks they have found for us to identify. 

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ACCESS Summer Academy. Only 40 spots left!

There is open registration to Dearborn residents that would like to enroll their child in the ACCESS Summer Academy. 

The ACCESS Summer Academy is usually exclusively for Salina Elementary and Intermediate students, however this year, we have the opportunity to open it up to non-Salina students that live in the Dearborn community. 
We have 10 spots open in each of the following grades: 1 – 3, 5 and 6.  Registration is based on a first-come first-served basis.For more information please contact:

Sarah Shoucair Chaar
Supervisor, Academic & Youth Development Programs
Youth & Education

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Electricity in the Media Center this Thursday from 9 to 12

This week our media center theme is “It’s Electric” We will explore electricity through stories and hands-on experiments with circuits.

Join us!

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VIDEO: Sound Week Look What We Made!

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Sound Week in the Oakman Library this Thursday from 9 to Noon.

This week is Sound Week in summer media. Students will be invited to make their own design of a musical instrument using a straw. Also new this week, Mrs. Alvarado is announcing the Dearborn Summer Game Design Challenge. Students will be invited to think up and make their own board or card game over the next few weeks. Example games to play and books to research games are available this week. Ask Mrs. Alvarado or visit the Salina Elementary website for details. As always, the Summer Reading challenge is on. Remember to fill out an entry for each book you read. Don’t miss the fun.

 Go to

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Fun Activities in the Oakman Library Tomorrow 7-3-14

Join Mrs. Alverado for Oakman Summer Media on July 3rd from 9am until 12 noon  This week is Slime Week. We will learn about colloids and make slime.

Slimey story hour will be at 10:30 am.  The summer reading contest has begun. Read a book then come in and fill out the form for a prize drawing at the end of the summer. The Summer of Numbers is a chance to win a prize by doing 25 math activities during summer media.

Parents do not have to stay the whole time with their school age children, but they must sign them in and pick them up before 12 noon. See you in the media center tomorrow!

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Return Your Books and Get New Ones. Library is Open Every Thursday from 9-12

Just a reminder to visit Oakman School every Thursday from 9-12 and get some great books to read!

IMG_1694 IMG_1695 IMG_1696 IMG_1697IMG_1698

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LIbrary is OPEN Every Thursday from 9-12

Hello Parents and Oakman Students,

The school library is open every Thursday this summer from  9am to noon so you can come check out books!

See you tomorrow!

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5th Grade Promotion Ceremony 2014

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VIDEO: 5TH Grade Promotion Video 2014

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