Nutrition For Tomorrow and Friday 12-18 and 12-19

Tomorrow children in Thursday’s nutrition class with Mr. Awada and Mrs. Oynoian DO NOT  have class. They will come on Friday instead. This will be the last class. We will have the certificates, rewards and party in the New Year.

The children meeting with the Fordson mentees DO HAVE CLASS in the cafeteria tomorrow.

Friday is Mrs. Dakroub’s class as usual.

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This Week 12-15 to 12-19


TUESDAY: 2nd Grade Parent Meeting at 9am

WEDNESDAY: 4th Grade Parent Meeting at 9am, Holiday School Store, End of the Canned Food Drive

THURSDAY: 5th Grade Parent Meeting at 9am. NO NUTRITION CLASS for Mr. Awada and Mrs. Oynoians’ students. Children with a Fordson Mentee WILL ATTEND in the cafeteria.

FRIDAY: Santa visits, HOLIDAY CONCERT at 2pm in the gym. Nutrition Class for all Friday students.


Have a wonderful and safe holiday. School resumes on January 5th 2015



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This Week 12-8 to 12-12


TUESDAY:  1st grade parent meeting at 8:50 am in Mrs. Rydlicki’s, Ms. Pesci’s and Mrs. Nasir’s class.


Kindergarten parent meeting at 1oam in Mrs. Rawson’s and Mrs. Sulecki’s class., Holiday School Store BEGINS

THURSDAY: 3rd grade parent meeting at 8:50 am in Ms. Logel’s and Mrs. Elward’s class. Choir, Nutrition Class

FRIDAY: PTA MOVIE NIGHT AT 4:30 pm. How the Grinch Stole Christmas. $2 entry fee. 

Choir, Nutrition Class.


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Enjoy Your Holiday and See You December 1st, 2014


Wednesday, November 26 is a Conference Release Day and all schools will be closed. Schools will remain closed on Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving Break.

Students do not report to school on Wednesday, November 26 through Friday November 28.

We look forward to seeing all students back in school on Monday, December 1, 2014.

Have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday!

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Happy Thanksgiving All!

Click on this link and look for Mrs. Hansen at the end!


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First Awards Assembly Nov. 21st, 2014 Congratulations To All!!







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Short Week- Happy Thanksgiving!



Monday: Collect cans, hats, mittens and scarves for the needy

Tuesday: Book Fair ends. Last chance to purchase is at lunch and after school.

HYPE distributes turkeys with canned goods to 12 Oakman families.


No School Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Enjoy your break and make sure to read, read, read!

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Core Value Assembly-Is YOUR Child’s Name Here?

Join us tomorrow at 9 am in the gym to honor these students with Math Masters too!

Oakman Elementary


 Congratulations to the Following Students  for the Month of SEPTEMBER

                                  S.O.M                             Bucketfiller

Mrs. Rawson            Malek Khalil                   Diana Farhat                                                                                         

Mrs. Sulecki             Ayat Alzirgany              Ihsan Qawasmi                                             

Mrs. Nasir                Muna Baydoun              Aya Elzaghir                                            

Mrs. Rydlicki            Rukaya Alshara            Fayez Hassan                                

Ms. Earle                  Hadi Hammoud             Fatima Obeid                                                                                                         

Mrs. Hamid              Zaynab Jomaa               Mahdi Dabaje                                                 

Ms. Logel                 Mohammad Hassan       Kawther Solaiman                                                        

Mrs. Elward             Anwaar Ahmed              Jinane Dabaja                                                     

Ms. Bazzi                 Alissa Numan                 Mohammed Awadi                                               

Mrs. Awada             Noura Salem                  Fatima Sayed                                              

Mrs. Gartha            Fatema Dabaja                Hadil Bittar                              

Ms. Habhab             Ahmad Hassoun              Nisreen Abdulameer                                            

Science                   Sajjad Noor                     Hadil Bittar                                                                                                                                                        

Music                      Lena Dabaja                     Yasmeen Makki                                                                                

Gym                        Abdulhakim Musleh          Fatima Hachem


                  Radewin Awada   

Principal-Oakman Elementary

    “If you can Dream it, you can Achieve it.” – Walt Disney

مدرسة اوكمن الابتدائية

التلاميذ المميزون

مبروك للتلاميذ المتفوقين لشهر أيار\مايو:

السيدة روسن                      دانا فرحات

السيدة سولاكي                     يوسف التركي

السيدة ناصر                       اية منصور\رقية الغانم

السيدة هاسبن                       عمران ثاغر

السيدة ارل                          قاسم حوماني

السيدة ريدليكي                    مريم الحوري

السيدة لوغل                         زمن العباس

السيدة الورد                         حسن مطر

السيدة بزي                           احمد حسون

السيدة رزق                          زينب الغانم

السيدة غارثا                         ريم قصير

السيدة حبحاب                       محمد الزرقاني


الفنون                                         فاطمة دباجة

الموسيقى                                      غدير الشارة

العلوم                                           مريم بركات

مدير مدرسة أوكمن – رضوان عواضة


            Oakman Elementary


  Congratulations to the Following Students for the month of October

                                  S.O.M                        Bucketfiller

Mrs. Rawson               Mahmoud Alshara        Adam Hijazi                                                                                                      

Mrs. Sulecki                Nour Ghandour            Malek Zeitoun

Mrs. Pesci                   Afnan Hassan               Hussein Bazzi                                        

Mrs. Nasir                   Abdallah Mukahhal       Abdelrahman Alshouli                                          

Mrs. Rydlicki               Zahraa  Jomaa             Ali Obeid                                   

Ms. Earle                     Maria Alsada                Fatima Hashem                                                                                                                  

Mrs. Hamid                  Fatima Aljibori             Hadi Aoun                                          

Ms. Logel                     Ali Hammoud                Yasmeen Makki                                                          

Mrs. Elward                 Owsayed Hassan          Gadeer Alshara                                                       

Ms. Bazzi                     Sally Yassine                Salina Faraj                                          

Mrs. Awada                 Hisham Ashaweh          Mohamad Rizk                                                  

Mrs. Gartha                Mohammed Baydoun     Fatema Alrubaai                                           

Ms. Habhab                 Eyaad Alwazir                Nooraldeen Ahmed                                             

Gym                            Musad Omar                   Lena Dabaja                                                                                                                                                                 

Music                          Hadi Aoun                       Rayan Alsawafy                                                                                  

Science                       Mariam Hazimeh            Fatima Saad   

Art                              Gadeer Alshara              Mohamad Daher                                                                                                    

                  Radewin Awada   

Principal-Oakman Elementary

    “If you can Dream it, you can Achieve it.” – Walt Disney

مدرسة اوكمن الابتدائية

التلاميذ المميزون

مبروك للتلاميذ المتفوقين لشهر تشرين الاول اكتوبر:

                                           تلميذ الشهر                         التلميذ المهذب               


السيدة روسن           محمود الشارة          ادم حجازي

السيدة سولاكي         نور غندور            ملاك زيتون

السيدة بشي            افنان حسن              حسين بزي

السيدة ناصر           عبد الله مكحل          عبد الرحمن السحولي

السيدة ريدلكي              زهراء جمعة                 علي عبيد

السيدة ارل                    ماريا السعدي               فاطمة هاشم

السيدة حميد                  فاطمة الجبوري              هادي عون

السيدة لوغل                  علي حمود                    ياسمين مكي

السيدة الورد                   اسيد حسن                   غدير الشارة

السيدة بزي                    سالي ياسين                   سالينا فرج

السيدة عواضة                هشام اشوا                     محمد رزق

السيدة غارثا                محمد بيضون                 فاطمة الرباعي

السيدة حبحاب                  اياد الوزير                نور الدين احمد

الرياضة                        مسعد عمر                  لينا دباجة

الموسيقى                        هادي عون                ريان الصوافي

العلوم                            مريم هزيمة                فاطمة سعد

الفنون الجميلة                        غدير الشارة                         محمد ضاهر

مدير مدرسة أوكمن – رضوان عواضة
















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Canned Food Drive, Hats, Gloves, Scarves

Dear Parents,


In order to help those most needy in our community Oakman School will have its annual Canned Food Drive. It begins this week and the classrooms will be in competition of each other. Please donate non-perishable food items, mittens and hats. The food will be distributed with turkeys being given away by HYPE ATHLETICS for this upcoming Thanksgiving. The rest of the food will be boxed and given away before the holidays. Please DO NOT SEND IN FOCUS HOPE food with white labels. Also, please check dates for expired items.


Hats and mittens will be put on our Giving Tree and used for our own students at Oakman School to wear in the cold weather.  If you would like to buy rolls of yarn as a donation to the Dearborn Senior Center please do. They hand sew mittens and hats for Oakman students every year.


Also, the Book Fair is underway and this time all items are under $5. The PTA worked hard to purchase low cost books for our children to choose from. No more expensive book fairs will be at Oakman School. Thank you PTA!






This Week


Monday:  Canned Food Drive Begins, Book Fair Begins.

Tuesday: Hearing Testing Rescheduled

Wednesday: No school store. Parent Teacher Conferences. Book Fair 4-7

Thursday: Parent Teacher Conferences. Book Fair 4-7. No Nutrition class for Thursday students. Backwards Day. Pay $1 and wear your clothes backwards.

Friday: Core Value Assembly at 9am.

Nutrition Class for both Thursday and Friday students at 3:45. End of Baby Contest. Winners announced.
















الاهل الكرام,


تبدأ مدرسة أوكمن بتنظيم الحملة السنوية لجمع الاكل المعلب لمساعدة العائلات المحتاجة .  تتنافس الفصول لجمع العدد الاكبر لذلك نطلب من الاهل التبرع بالاكل المعلب والقفازات والقبعات.  يتم توزيع الاكل مع ديك حبش مقدم من مركز هايب الرياضي لكل عائلة بمناسبة عيد الشكر. الرجاء عدم التبرع بالاكل المقدم من الحكومة والذي يحمل الشارة البيضاء. كما نرجو التحقق من تاريخ الاستعمال.


يتم وضع القفازات والقبعات على شجرة العطاء في المدرسة.  يستطيع الاهل شراء الخيطان والتبرع بهم لدار العجزة في ديربورن والذي يقوم بحياكة القفازات والقبعات للاولاد.


كما يفتح معرض الكتاب حيث عمل مجلس الاهل بجد لشراء كتبا رخيصة (5 دولارات او اقل).




هذا الاسبوع في مدرسة أوكمن



الاثنين: بدأ حملة جمع الاكل المعلب

الاربعاء: لا يفتح محل البيع –اجتماعات الاهل والمعلمين

الخميس اجتماع الاهل والمعلمين, الغاء صفوف التغذية لنهار الخميس.  لبس الثياب بالمقلوب ودفع 1 دولار.

الجمعة: حفل توزيع الجوائز الساعة 9:00 صباحا.  اجتماع صفوف التغذية لنهاري الخميس والجمعة سويا. انتهاء التصويت لمعرفة صور المعلمين والمعلمات. ليلة مشاهدة الفيلم.

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End of this Week 11-10 to 11-14

Parent Teacher Conferences begin tomorrow. Please make sure you are on time for your appointment and do not stay longer than your allotted time. DO NOT MISS YOUR APPOINTMENT PLEASE!!!
Nutrition Grant children will all meet on Friday the 14th and Friday the 21st due to Parent Teacher Conferences. There will be no classes on Thursdays for the next two weeks.
Please submit $5 each to your child’s teacher for the t-shirt. All students will wear their shirt on Friday, November 21st for the 1st Core Value Assembly.


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