Join Us for a Forum on School Funding-Wednesday, October 19, 7:00 – 8:30 pm in Redford

Our Children, Our Schools, Our Future
Parents, district staff, and community members are invited to learn details on how schools are funded.
 How Proposal A changed school funding
 Trends in school funding
 State school funding adequacy study
 Short and long-term solutions; action steps
 County-wide Education Enhancement Millage


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Smoke on the Grill Was a Hit!

Looks like a great night for Oakman at Smoke on the Grill.

All proceeds from ticket sales come back to Oakman School on Founder’s Day in April. Thank you parents, students and teachers for your support. Our PTA is the best!





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The Winner Will Be Announced Tomorrow.

Join us tomorrow at the parent meeting at 9am to announce the winner of September’s SHOPAROO challenge.

We will stop the tally at 9am to see the person with the most points. As of 2:44 pm  today it was Mrs. Hammoud our PTA President.

Mrs Chehab our Interventionist is in second place and Mrs. Jadalah our PTA Secretary is in 3rd place. Good luck to all………..but onl y ONE can win!



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Coffee With the Principal on Friday 9-30-16 at 9am

September 28th, 2016

Coffee with the Principal-Title I Parent Meeting

Dear Parents,

Please join our new Principal Mr. Abu-Rus and his staff in the cafeteria for our Title I Parent meeting this Friday, September 30thth at 8:50 am in cafeteria.  If you didn’t meet him in August this is your chance to let him know what you like about Oakman and what changes you would like to see.

Join us as we discuss our Title I plan and see how we spend our federal funds to educate your child. It is YOUR right to know this information and YOUR right to hear how we operate. Come share ideas with us and give your input to help improve our plans for the new academic year at Oakman School. EACH YEAR OUR PLANS CHANGE so join us and see what is new. Be our partners in education and have a voice.

اجتماع الاهل والمدير

اولياء الامور الاعزاء،

يدعو مدير المدرسة السيد محمود ابو الروس والهيئة التعليمية في مدرسة أوكمن الاهل واولياء الامور للمشاركة في اجتماع المدير والاهل  وذلك نهار الجمعة الواقع في 30 ايلول\سبتمبر 8:50 صباحاً قاعة الطعام (الكافيتريا). اذا لم تسنح الفرصة لكم للتعرف على السيد ابو الروس هذه هي الفرصة للتحدث عن شؤون المدرسة وما هي التغييرات التي تودون ان تحصل فيها.

 سوف نناقش في هذا الاجتماع خطة تحسين المدرسة وكيفية انفاق اموال الحكومة الاتحادية لتعليم الطلاب.  من حق الاهل معرفة هذه المعلومات والاطلاع على كل ما يجري في المدرسة.  نأمل حضوركم لنتبادل الافكار ونسمع مقترحاتكم حول خطة تحسين المدرسة لهذا العام.  كونوا شركائنا في التعليم وفي رفع مستوى المدرسة الاكاديمي. تتغير ميزانية المدرسة كل سنة لذلك من المهم جدا معرفة التغييرات المستجدة وشاركوا في اعطاء ارائكم.






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This Week 9-26 to 9-30


Tuesday: Pizza pm

Wednesday: School Store.  We are asking children to wear their t-shirts from last year for the assembly on Wednesday October 5th. If you need one you can purchase from the PTA for $7 at the School Store on Wednesday.

Thursday: Smoke on the Grill starts at 4pm at Ford Field.  Split your ticket with another mom. Or purchase your ticket and attend with Mr. Abu Rus, Mrs. McMahon, Mrs. Puente, Mrs. Dakroub and Ms. Titsworth, The Jadallahs, The Hammouds, the Sayeds and the Hassans. All proceeds go to the Goodfellows.

Friday: Coffee with the Principal 9am in the cafeteria. Come and meet Principal Mahmoud Abu-Rus, tell us your concerns for this school year,  and meet the new PTA Executive Board.

pizza pm


Shoparoo Update: Once again Mrs. Mahera Abdelghani Jadalah is in the lead! The winner will be announced on Friday at the first parent meeting. Join us and let’s see if Mrs. Chehab or Mrs. Jadalah will win for the month of September.


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Our PTA Wants To Help Refugees- Warm Clothing Drive

Oakman’s PTA is at it again! They are always helping those in need. There is an influx of refugees coming into our community  including some of our own students.

The PTA asks you for your gently used coats in adult and childrens’ sizes. They ask for boots as well as gloves, hats and scarves. They ask for sweaters and warm clothing too like pajamas, slippers and robes.  GENTLY USED means in good shape to wear during the entire season or more.

Please wash the items before you bring them in to Ms. Amged in the office and she will distribute accordingly. Thank you for your kindness to those less fortunate than we are.

Look at what our PTA can do!!!!


Our PTA organized a Water Drive from DPS to Flint

can the principal 2011 002PhotoGrid_1419106347639


Our PTA packs food and cans from our school and at HYPE.


Our PTa shops for those in need.


They support Smoke on the Grill

cipriano run -14 010

Support charity in the Cipriano Run


Support the Dearborn Firefighters in their Burn Drive




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This Week 9-19 to 9-23



 How are we doing with the Shoparoo competition?  Don’t have the app? Just download it on your phone and join the fun!

Last week Mrs. Jadallah, then Mrs. Abdulla were in the lead. By the evening Mrs. Chehab was soaring by!

This Monday the person in the lead is Mahera Jadallah again.  Thank you to all the teachers and parents participating.

Winner for the month of September will be determined on Friday, September 30th. So shop, shop, shop and earn points OR just hand your receipts to the office to Ms. Amged to distribute and earn points for.

Good luck to all!

Monday:  PTA membership continues. Please send $10 per student for you to become a PTA member. If you have more than one child in our school the family membership is $20.

Tuesday: pizza sale pm

Wednesday: School Store pm

Thursday: SMOKE ON THE GRILL TICKETS are for sale in the office with Ms. Amged. Split the cost with another parent and support our PTA

Friday: VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for the popcorn sale.  Congratulations to Mrs. Gartha’s 5th grade  for winning the bake sale competition last Friday. Each student in her class won a free bag of popcorn.



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District Video of the First Day of School

Oakman is at 3:10.

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What a Great Open House We Had!

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Open House is Tonight at 6pm. Join us!

Oakman Elementary

Invites You To Attend

تدعو مدرسة اوكمن الاهل لحضور

Date: Thursday

September 15, 2016

التاريخ:الخميس15 ايلول, 2016

Time: 6:00-7:30pmالزمان:


Meet and Greet the

Teachers and Tour our School

تعرف على معلمة ولدك والمدرسة


PTA Membership is $10 per STUDENT, $20 per family.  

Make sure to sign up for conferences outside of the office.

دفع عضوية مجلس الاهل 10 دولارات للتلميذ و20 دولارا للعائلة! لا تنسوا تحديد موعدا لاجتماع الاهالي والمعلمين في شهر تشرين الثاني\نوفمبر


Please join us and meet the Oakman family. Join the teachers in their classrooms as they explain student expectations and classroom procedures.   Enjoy refreshments and PTA activities outside the office. See you there!


التقي المعلمات والمعلمين في مدرسة اوكمن واستمع الى التوقعات المطلوبة لكل الصفوف. 


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