Annual Volleyball Game 5th Grade vs. Oakman Teachers


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HUGE!! Oakman Yard Sale Tomorrow!

Come out and check the bargains all day tomorrow near the gym playground.

Oakman PTA yardsale (2)

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This Week

Monday: Math a Thon

Tuesday: Backwards Day $1,  Tutoring Celebration after school

Wednesday: School Store

Thursday: Parent Appreciation Breakfast 8:50 am in cafeteria.

Volleyball game 5th gr vs staff

Friday: NO SCHOOL.  PTA Yard Sale on big playground.



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Lions Doing Science

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This Week

Monday: Book Fair all week on the gym’s stage

Tuesday: Pizza afterschool

Wednesday:  Late Start


SCIENCE DAY ALL DAY. Join your child’s teacher to help plant outside. This is the schedule:

10:00-10:20 Earle Jeffries
10:20-10:40 Rawson Pesci
10:40-11:00 Bazzi Younce
11:00-11:20 Nasir Elward
11:20-11:40 Logel Awada
12:00-12:20 Rydlicki

Science Family Night begins at 4pm. Children to be accompanied by parents, siblings and grandparents too! There is no charge to enter. All are welcome.

Click below to see details.

Science Night- parent letter with translation (1)

Thursday: Ecology Club Toy and Gently Used Clothing Collection

Friday: popcorn am, pizza pm.



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Law Day Contest Winners are both from Oakman School!

This week,  two of our students were presented with an award for their Law Day Papers.  Out of all the 5th grade students in Dearborn that sent in their papers, four students were chosen and two were from Mrs. Gartha’s classroom!!!  Congratulations to Adam Said (2nd place winner) and Rabie Dabaja (honorable mention winner)  You guys ROCK!!!FullSizeRender image1 image2 image3

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Mother’s Day Flowers $1

Carnations for Mom

Order Form

Child’s Name: __________________________________

Teacher: ______________________________________

Number of Carnations______ X $1.00____________


*Would you like to give your mom, grandma, aunt, teacher, a special flower for Mother’s Day? Just fill out this order form with all the information that is needed. All carnations will be delivered on Friday May 8th.


بيع الورود للامهات



اسم التلميذ: _________________


المعلمة: ___________________


عدد الورود: _______* 1$_________


*اذا رغبتم باهداء والدتكم, الجدة, العمة, المعلمة بمناسبة عيد الام.  املئ الاستمارة التالية بالمعلومات المناسبة. يتم توصيل جميع الورود نهار الجمعة 8 ايار\مايو.



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Congratulations Rabie Dabaja from 19t District Court


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Character Assembly by Mr. Dwayne the Cartoonist

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May and June Are So Busy! Here is the list of Events.

Print for your records:
May 1   Character Education Assembly 1pm
May 5, 12, 19, 26 Pizza pm Tuesdays
May 6, 13, 20, 27  School store Wednesdays
May 1, 15, popcorn and pizza Fridays
May 4-8  Teacher Appreciation Week. Show your child’s teacher she is appreciated.
May 4 to 7 Send $1 for Mother’s Day Flower Sale. Children can purchase a “SUN” card for mom with a carnation in it. 
May 1- May 12 Dollars for a Daisy, send $1 for  planting day for the classroom to purchase flowers to plant outside.
May 5th Election Day. Bake sale. School is open. Send cookies, cupcakes, juice, muffins for PTA to sell.
May 7      PTA Luncheon for Teachers 11:30 to 1.
May 11 to 15   Book Fair
May 13    Late Start
May 13     Planting/Science Day/ Parent Science Night @ 4pm. Students can bring their own gloves, small  shovels and rakes to dig in their classroom plot. Come help your child  for an hour planting. 
May 14    Ecology Club- Clothes AND Toy Drive.
May 18     MATH A THON
May 19    Backwards day $1. Wear your clothes backwards. 
May 18 to 21 PARENT Appreciation Week 
May 20  Last day of tutoring.
May 22    No School, Oakman Rummage Sale 
May 25    No School
May 26    Detroit Historical Museum for 2nd Gr
May 27    Field Trip Zoo (k)
May 28    Oakman Fine Arts Concert. Art, Music at 6pm
May 29    Field Day k-5  (recruit 2 volunteers from your classroom parents to help you at stations for two hours. lower elementary is am and needs the volunteers more so than upper elementary. PTA work concessions and do not assist from station to station.
June 1 or 8 (to be determined still)   Core Value Assembly at 9am for Feb. Mar, April, and May as well as Math a Thon and possibly testing awards. 
June 2  4th grade goes to Wayne State
June 3   Field Trip 1st gr. 
June 4th Kindergarten Ceremony 2pm
June 5   Field Trip  3rd
June 9    Boat Trip
June 10  5th grade promotion and Last Day. 1/2 day
Thank you
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