Media Center Open Every Monday and Wednesday

The Oakman Library is open every Monday and Wednesday morning from 9 to 12 for reading and checking out books. Come join the fun activities.  Door #4 will be open only. 



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Links to Fun Websites and Media Center Open Every Monday and Wednesday at 9am

The Oakman Library is open every Monday and Wednesday morning from 9 to 12 for reading and checking out books. Come join the fun activities.
Enter through door number 12 near the music room.

Are you reading daily, doing your packet and going onto My-On, Prep Dog and Moby Max?

Make sure to go to Oakman School News and link to all the websites to practice, practice, practice so you can come back strong and ready to roll!

Click here:

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Media Center Open Mondays and Wednesdays for Reading and Fun!

Hello Oakman Parents and Students,

Join us every Monday and Wednesday from 9 am to 12 pm in the Oakman Library. You can enter from door #1  or 12 at 9 am.

See you tomorrow!

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For Incoming Kindergarteners

Dearborn Programs Welcome

Incoming Kindergarten Students


Getting ready for your child to attend kindergarten? Dearborn Public Schools offers two new programs to ease youngsters into kindergarten schedules:  “Jump Start” for children who did not attend preschool and a “Soft Start” week at the beginning of the school year to ease children into their new schedule.


Kindergarten “Jump Start”

For incoming kindergarten students who did not attend a preschool program, the school district will offer a free one week “Jump Start” program in August.  Jump Start provides a comprehensive orientation to kindergarten in a fun and interesting way. Introducing small groups of students to the norms of school life will help them become comfortable and will promote their success in school.


School staff will contact parents of enrolled kindergarteners to inform them of the Jump Start program offered at their school.


In addition to providing an opportunity for students and parents to meet the kindergarten teachers, the week-long Jump Start class will give children an opportunity to learn and play with small groups of students in the school setting.  The children will learn about their kindergarten classroom and visit the gym, art room, music room, media center and lunch room.


Kindergarten “Soft Start”

Every Dearborn elementary school plans a Soft Start program for incoming kindergarten students during the first week of school.  Kindergarten students will attend school part time during the first four days of school, which begins this year on September 8.


During the hours when the new kindergarteners are not in class that week, each school will hold a variety of activities to meet the needs of its students and families. Teachers may schedule appointments with parents, conduct home visits, complete assessments with students, or conduct parent workshops.  Several schools will offer child care during the time students are not scheduled for class.


All students will be in school for a full day by the second week of school which begins Monday, September 14.


For more information about the Dearborn Public Schools “Jump Start” program and “Soft Start” week for incoming kindergarteners, parents may call their local elementary school or the district office at 313-827-3026.

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Have A Safe and Happy Summer…. Media Center and Links to Learning Information

Oakman School wishes wishing all students, staff and their families a happy and safe summer.
The Media Center will be open Monday through Wednesday  from 9 – 12 beginning next Wednesday June 24th.  Entry to the building will be limited to door 1 and 12 by the cafeteria.
Come in and enjoy book readings, check out and activities.
Don’t forget to continue going on to Moby Max, My-On and PrepDog daily to sharpen your skills and stay strong all throughout the summer.
Just click here and GO!
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Detroit Boat River Tour

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5th Grade Promotion Video and Pictures 2015

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Core Value Assembly on Monday at 9am in the Gym

Hello Parents ,

Was your child chosen as Student of the Month for February, March, or April? How about as a Bucketfiller,  Math Master, or did they score well in the last NWEA round of testing? If so please join us for our last Core Value Assembly of the year at 9am in the gym tomorrow morning.


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Lions Football Camp For Kids


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Spring Fever Concert 2015

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