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Congratulations once again to Youseph Jadallah for coming in first place as the top seller in Frankenmuth fundraising. The Jadallah family has helped Oakman School immensely by simply signing up for Kroger Rewards, making purchases on their Target Red Credit Card and shopping online in the Kellog’s Box Tops program. This program lets you shop at Macy’s and many other stores online. All points earned make money for Oakman School. The Jadallah family has earned hundreds of dollars which in turn has all been donated to our school. If half our parents signed up for these programs we would be able to provide more services to Oakaman students and their families.

It is simple. Just copy and paste these links into the search bar. It will take a few minutes to enroll. Keep in mind that each April you have to re-apply for Kroger.

Thank you for all your help.

for Target Rewards:

For Kroger Rewards:

For Box Tops Rewards