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Join Mr. Awada and staff for the show. Wear your white “YOU HAVE THE POWER” t-shirts and sit together.

Dearborn Public Schools in partnership with the City of Dearborn & community partners present a Response to Bullying Behavior Program with the 5th annual Anti-Bullying Extravaganza Tuesday, November 17, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. at the beautiful Michael A. Guido Theater in the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center

“Students know as well as adults that bullying behavior causes personal pain and it can happen anywhere or any time,” notes Dearborn Superintendent, Dr. Glenn Maleyko.

“The students performing in this year’s Response to Bullying Behavior Program show outstanding creativity in sharing the message that everyone can make a difference in the lives of others.”

Student Performers – Prizes – FREE admission includes a gift + raffle ticket This year’s show is loosely based on the play Wicked, which tells the “back story” of the two witches in the Wizard of Oz. Some things are not as they appear & everyone deserves a chance to succeed! There are two sides to every story: We learn that Glenda the Good Witch isn’t so good & Elphaba the Bad Witch isn’t so bad. Glenda was a popular “mean girl” & Elphaba was repeatedly teased, bullied, and left out. Once the two come together, they become friends. We are capable of more than we know. True friends will change you for the good. We can all defy gravity – everyone deserves a chance to fly!


For more information, contact Jacqui Rivait at rivaitj@dearbornschools.org -OR- (313) 827-3109