Oakman School News

Jump Rope for Heart

Oakman students raised $1,473.65 during Jump Rope for Heart ! All Oakman students should be so proud of this great accomplishment and in raising awareness of the importance of being healthy and active.
Today students competed against their grade mates in some healthy jump roping and the outcome was not only great health but a lot of FUN!


Young 5s and Kindergarten students jump roping

Student jumping while audience cheers her on

Cheering audience


Students jumping and competing


5th grader joins in the fun

Young students jumping and being healthy

Each student jumping with their own rope

Down to the last 2 students still jumping

Students using a longer rope and jumping in teams

Jumping in teams

Teachers get ready to compete in jumping

Teachers listen to directions and rules to the competition

Students cheer as teachers jump rope

More teachers jumping

Teachers jump rope while students cheer

Last two teachers still jumping