Title One Parent Meeting: Thursday, September 26 @ 8:50 am in the cafeteria


Dear Parents,
Please join Mr. Awada and his staff in the cafeteria for our first parent meeting this Thursday Sept. 26th at 8:45 am in cafeteria.
Join us as we discuss our “Title I” plan and see how we spend our federal funds to educate your child. It is YOUR right to know this information and YOUR right to hear how we operate. Come share ideas with us and give your input to help improve our plans for the new academic year at Oakman School. Be our partners in education and have a voice.
Also, the coming election is around the corner on Nov 5th. Make sure you can vote! Dearborn Public Schools may get millions of dollars to fix all of its schools including Oakman, but only if the BOND passes. Guests from administrative services will be here to talk about this very important initiative.
Refreshments will be served. See you there!

اولياء الامور الاعزاء،

يدعو مدير المدرسة السيد رضوان عواضة الجميع للمشاركة في الاجتماع الاول للاهل لهذا العام نهار الخميس الواقع في 26 ايلول/سبتمبر الساعة 8:45 دقيقة صباحاً قاعة الطعام (الكافيتريا).
سوف نناقش في هذا الاجتماع خطة تحسين المدرسة وكيفية انفاق اموال الحكومة الاتحادية لتعليم الطلاب. من حقكم معرفة هذه المعلومات والاطلاع على كل ما يجري في المدرسة. نأمل حضوركم لنتبادل الافكار ونسمع مقترحاتكم حول خطة تحسين المدرسة لهذا العام. كونوا شركائنا في التعليم وفي رفع مستوى المدرسة. في نهاية الاجتماع، سوف نسع عرضاً هاماً عن اقتراح تجديد تمويل المدارس الذي سوف يساهم في صيانة وتحديث المدارس في مدينتنا
سوف نقدم بعض المرطبات.
الرجاء الحضور.

Smoke on the Grill Tickets. Need to selll 5 more!!!

Smoke On the Grill Tickets are available from Ms. Amged. We have 5 left and need to sell them all. Each ticket will earn 50% back to Oakman School from the Dearborn PTA.

Even if you don’t go you can help our school by buying one ticket.  Call Amged at 463-3623.


Keep on Voting for our PTA. We are over $200. Each dollar counts for our kids. Thank you for voting everyday!

Click here for the Avery Spin the Wheel Boxtops


Click here for Target

This target promotion only works if you have a Facebook account. All you have to do is  sign into your Facebook account, go to the link and vote for Oakman.


This Week 9-23 to 9-27

Monday:  Collecting PTA membership forms. Don’t forget to fill out the form and send $8 per adult to the teacher.  Will your child’s class win the pizza or ice cream party?

ThursdayTitle One and Bond Parent Meeting @ 8:50 am in the cafeteria.  INFORMATION YOU MUST KNOW ABOUT YOUR CHILD’S EDUCATION and how we spend our funds.

Also for discussion is the SMART BOND. Are you registered to vote and will you in the coming November election? The BOND IS FOR SCHOOLS.  More information to follow. Check your child’s backpack on Tuesday  and see you on Thursday!

اجتماع الاهل. الحضور ضروري

Thursday: School Store

Friday: After  school ice cream sale.


TOMORROW is Open House! 5-6:30pm


September 18, 2013

Dear Parents,

Oakman Elementary School will be holding its annual Open House on Thursday, September 19  from 5 – 6:30 PM. You are invited to join the teachers in their rooms.
They will have several samples of your child’s work available for you to see. While they will not have time to discuss your child’s performance in detail, you can schedule a private meeting for upcoming conferences on November 14th, 20th and 21st by visiting the table outside the Main Office. Please sign up for an appointment with your child(s) teacher(s). Teachers will briefly explain some of the activities they will be doing this year and respond to any questions you might have.


لقاء التعارف السنوي في مدرسة “أوكمن”

الاهالي الكرام,
تعقد مدرسة أوكمن اللقاء السنوي نهار الخميس الموافق 19أيلول3 201 من الساعة 5:00-6:30مساء وذلك في غرفة رقم ______. يستطيع الاهل الاطلاع على بعض نماذج الكتابة وغيرها الخاصة بولدكم كما ساقوم بشرح بعض النشاطات المخصصة لهذا العام الدراسي والاجابة على اسئلتكم, لكن لن يكون لدينا الوقت لمناقشة المستوى الاكاديمي للولد. بامكانكم تحديد موعد في تشرين الثاني خلال اجتماع الاهل والمعلمين الاول.
اشكر لكم تعاونكم وامل حضوركم!

This Week 9-16 to 9-20

Hello Oakman Parents

Did you know this Thursday is OPEN HOUSE from 5-6:30?

All families are expected to come with their children to meet and greet the teachers. Come see the classrooms and get to know your school.

The PTA will be ready to register parents to vote in the coming November election. When was the last time you voted? Each child will get a gift certificate from McDonalds if their parent registers to vote from the PTA.

Don’t forget to pay your PTA membership fee as well. The class with the most family members signed up will win a pizza party!! Check your child’s backpack by Wednesday for the form and send it back to the teacher right away. Maybe your child’s class will be the winner.


Nacho sale on Friday. No school store on Thursday.