Back To School

School resumes on Thursday, October 17th at 8:35 am.

It is cold outside so please make sure your child has a warm jacket.

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Here you will find important office alerts, PTA information and general information from Dearborn Public Schools.

We hope you enjoyed your break and are ready to come back to school in full swing!

Zap Zone: Call Ms. Amged to Reserve for Wednesday!!

Hello Oakman Families,

Invite your relatives too! Open to all.

Join us on Wednesday, October 16th @ 3:30pm at Zap Zone on Telegraph.

Includes 3 hours of unlimited fun.
Glo-golf, ballidium, bumper cars, slime bucket, jump houses and laser tag.
Also, you can order one large pizza with one topping and a pitcher of pop for $ 12.
To reserve you can call Ms. Amged at 313-463-3623

Wear a Pink or Red Shirt and Donate $1 to the Firefighters Burn Drive on Monday 10-07-13

Tomorrow all students are asked to wear a red or pink SHIRT to school.
The Dearborn Fire Department will be here at 9:00am for a demonstration with their trucks. In support of the Burn Drive, we will be wearing red or pink and donating a minimum of $1 to their charity. Let’s give them our support and make a donation. In the past two years  Oakman School has won 1st place above all schools for their donation. Let’s do it again!

The Burn Drive has donated beds, clothing, furniture and money to needy Oakman Families in the past and we would like to thank them. Please send your donation with your child tomorrow 10-07-13

Flu Shot Clinics at all Highschools.

Hello All,
It is David Mustonen with a message to you.
Its that time of year, no I’m not talking about apples and cider (although they are very tasty), I’m talking about the cold and flu season.

Now I’m not a doctor, and I don’t even play one on tv, but I do want to share with you information about a flu-shot clinic being held at each of our high schools. PLEASE SEE THE ATTACHED FLYERS FOR DATES AND TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These clinics are open to all staff members in the district and their families.

The charge is $29.99 per shot if patient is paying cash or out of pocket and you can bring a check or cash (if cash please bring $30.00, and CVS will give the change, can we say pocket full of pennies.)

If you want the shot billed through your prescription insurance please bring your prescription insurance card and driver’s license.

Sanjay Zachariah at 248 303 2817




All 3rd, 4th, and 5th Gr. Parents- Meeting tomorrow at 8:50 am in the gym

Oakman Elementary School
MEAP Parent Information
Dear Parents/ Guardians,

I’m requesting your presence at important Student/Parent MEAP meeting being held in the Oakman Elementary Gym Friday October 4th, 2013 beginning promptly at 9 AM. It is important you attend as student MEAP scores will weigh heavily on determining students performing at the Bottom 30%. Students identified as performing at the Bottom 30% will be issued Dearborn Public Schools Contracts, which require all students performing below grade level attend extended day tutoring, summer school and face possible retention in their grade.

The Michigan Educational Assessment Program (MEAP) will test 3rd grade students in math and reading, 4th grade students will be tested in math, reading and writing while 5th grade students will be evaluated in math, reading and science. The MEAP window is from October 8–23, 2013. MEAP tests are not timed and are administered to students in several sessions to avoid test fatigue. Test items are multiple-choice and constructed-response (essay) items.
Results on MEAP tests are based on how students perform compared to set standards, and not compared to other students. If students take their time and rely on what they have learned I have all the faith they will perform exceptionally well.

We Need Your Cooperation During MEAP Testing:
• Avoid scheduling appointments for your child that would take him or her out of a scheduled testing session.
• Let your child know that the tests are important.
• Encourage your child to try his/her best so end results will reflect your child’s knowledge as accurately as possible.
• Encourage your child to relax and to feel positive about testing.
• A good night’s sleep and a good breakfast always help performance.
• Be sure your child is at school on time.
• When your child returns home, ask about the testing and how he/she thought everything went.
• Support your child’s best efforts with encouragement and praise.

Have your child repeat the Following to You:
I Will Take My Time and Try My Best

Remind your child daily they will do great on the MEAP; MEAP is a review of what was learned last year, to take their time and double check answers. I look forward to seeing each of you for a comprehensive review of the MEAP Assessment tomorrow October 4th, 2013 at 9AM in the Gym.

Mr. Radewin Awada
Oakman Elementary

مدرسة اوكمن الإبتدائية
معلومات عن إمتحان المييب للأ هالي
حضرة أولياء الأمور الكرام,
اطلب من الجميع الحضورلاجتماع الاهالي الخاص بامتحان الميب وذلك نهار الجمعة الموافق 4 تشرين الاول الساعة التاسعة في قاعة الرياضة. من الضروري جدا الحضور لان هذا الامتحان موضوع من قبل الولاية لتحديد 30% من التلاميذ الذين يقعون في ادنى مستوى.
اعتمادا على هذا الامتحان يتم اعطاء التلاميذ فى ادنى المستويات تعهد من قبل مدارس دريبورن والذي ينص على حضور التلاميذ برنامج اضافي, اودورة صيفية, هو احتمال اعادة الصف والرسوب.
يتم إعطاء برنامج التقييم التربوي لميشيغان لطلاب الصف الثالث ( القراءة والرياضيات), ولطلاب الصف الرابع ( الرياضيات, القراءة والكتابة), ولطلاب الصف الخامس ( الرياضيات, القراءة, والكتابة) في المدرسة. مدة الإختبار من 9 إلى 17 أكتوبر/ تشرين أول لهذه السنة.هذه الإمتحانات غير موقوته وستعطى على مراحل لتفادي تعب الطلاب.تتكون مواد الإختبار من أسئة لديها أجوبة متعددة الخيارات و الإجابة بإنشاء.
تقارن نتائج الطلاب في إمتحان المييب على أسس ومعايير موضوعة من قبل الدولة وليس بمقارنة مع نتائج الطلاب الآخرين.
تستخدم نتائج المييب لوسائل متعددة,على مستوى الصف, تطلع المعلمة على نقاط القوة وإحتياجات كل طالب, للعمل على خطة تلاقي إحتياجتهم. على مستوى المدرسة, نتطلع على النتائج للنظر إلى منهاج المدرسة أو إلى الإرشادات التي قد تحتاج إلى تعديل لتحسين المستوى التعليمي.

إرشادات لمساعدة أولادكم في التحضير للمييب:

* تفادي أخذ مواعيد قد تعيق وجودهم وقت الإمتحان
* إعلام أولادكم بمدى أهمية الإمتحانات
* تشجيع أولادكم على إن يقدموا أفضل ما لديهم مما يعكس مدى معرفتهم للمواد
* تشيجيع أولادكم على أن يكونوا مرتاحين وقت الإمتحان
* التأكد أن يحصلوا على وقت كافي من النوم و أن يتناولوا وجبة الفطور
* التأكد من حضور أولادكم المدرسة في الوقث المحدد.
* إسألوهم عن أداءهم بعد عودتهم من الإمتحان
* شجعوا أولادكم على تقديم أفضل ما عندهم بالإثناء والإطراءعليهم.

أطلب من أولادك إعادة المقولة:

سوف أتغلب على المييب بتقديم أفضل ما لدي

قل لولدك: ستؤدي جيداً في المييب, لأن المييب هو فقط إمتحان لمراجعة ما تعلمتوه السنة, الماضيه وخذ وقتك في الإمتحانلا تستعجل. اتطلع الى رؤية الجميع نهار الجمعة 4 تشرين الاول\اكتوبر الساعة التاسعة في قاعة الرياضة.

شكراً ,

بكل إحترام,
رضوان عواضة

Robert Cipriano Cross Country Memorial Run 10-19-13

Robert Cipriano CC Run Flyer 2013

Saturday, October 19th, 2013

Place: Ford Field (Brady and Cherry Hill)

Parking is available on the lower level of the field near the baseball diamonds off Brady.

Students will meet near the large shelter, north of the bridge.

There will be 10 races for students and one race for faculty.

The faculty 1 mile run will start at 8:30 am.

The elementary school 4th grade girls run will start at 9:30, boys will follow, etc.

We estimate that middle school races will begin at 10:30.

It is recommended that all elementary school runners be there by 8:45 and middle school runners by 9:45.

The district has ordered 1000 running bibs with timing chips. Each school will be given an allotment based on the population of their school. Allotment of bibs will be determined soon by the physical education teachers as they will be timing students in class. For example, if your elementary school is allotted 40 bibs and you have 50 students who qualify by running a mile under 10 minutes, then your top 40 students get a bib and you will add their names/grade/gender/school to a spread sheet (see below) and the remaining 10 students may still compete however their times will not be recorded. Be sure to tell those without running bibs that their time is not recorded. Bibs will be delivered to your school before the race for distribution.

As mentioned, elementary qualifying time is 10 minutes for 1 mile (both boys and girls).

Middle school qualifying time is 20 minutes for 2 miles (both boys and girls).

The races will be a rolling start time with approximately 15 minutes between each elementary school race and approximately 20 minutes between each middle school race.

Each grade will have a ceremony following the completion of their runs. The 4th grade ceremony will start as the 5th graders are running. When the 5th grade runs are completed, their ceremony will start while the 6th graders are running and so forth. School winners will be announced at the conclusion of all races.

Physical Education teachers will still need to submit their list of participants on the Google share drive. Only those receiving bibs should be listed on the share drive. Remember to add name/grade/gender/school. Please update the list before October 4th. 

Lastly, let me know if you (or someone in your building) will be attending so that we can make arrangements for volunteers to assist.