BAKE SALE AND PAJAMA DAY- Thursday, April 7, 2011

Our monthly bake sale is this Thursday, April 7th. It will be during lunch and after school. Please send in your donations of CUPCAKES, COOKIES, Juice boxes, and baked goods. Thank-you for your generosity. Please put your child’s name on it. Every child that donates will get a token from the PTA. Also, it is Pajama Day. Please donate $1 or more to charity and your child can wear their pajamas to school.

Calling All Oakman Parents!! Join Ms. Dakroub in Lansing.

Ms. Dakroub will be going to Lansing to represent Oakman School on Tuesday, April 12th from 8:30 am to 1pm. We will meet at 8:30 in the school office and drive to ASC together to board the bus. We will be back by 2:30pm so join her in letting Oakman’s voice be heard. Oakman students will be writing letters to the Governor protesting the cuts. Please call Ms. Dakroub at 827-6511 to tell her you want to go.


The Dearborn Schools PTSA is going up to Lansing on Tuesday, April 12th by BUS!! The PTSA wants to make an impact on the Governor and legislators, convincing them that they need to treat Dearborn fair and equitably in their cutbacks. We want you to make signs and bring letters to the Governor. In fact have your children write letters for you to bring up with you! So, please spread the word!

We have reserved 4 buses and want to fill them with parents, community members, grandparents and anyone who is against the budget cuts to our schools and the future of Michigan – our children. We will be leaving the Administrative Service Center, 18700 Audette, at 9am. PLEASE ARRIVE no later than 8:45am. We will head back home by 1pm from Lansing which should make our arrival here in Dearborn around 2:30pm.

Time to Re-enroll in the Kroger Program

If you registered your Kroger card online and put Oakman as your community rewards recipients i am kindly asking you to go online and log in to your kroger account and register us again. If you haven’t and this is your first time please support Oakman School. Kroger has notified us and asked for all our parents and friends to to do that begining April 1. If you want our school to earn money please do so. It will only take a few minutes of your time.
Click on the link to re-enroll or sign up new to the bottom right.

Oakman’s Mini Martians

Oakman students ran in the annual Mini Martian Marathon held at Ford Field this Saturday, April 2nd. Congratulations to Ranna Elhusseini who was the first of our team to finish the race AND place in the top 10! Thank you to all the parents who helped chaperone and drive the children to the event.

March is Reading Month Guest Readers

This year at Oakman School we were honored to have many special guests read to our students. Can you find Mayor O’Reilly, Sgt. Lengyl, Lt. Rhodes,
Dr. Artis, Deacon and Officer Morse, Assistant Superintendent Gutkowski, Dr. Rugenski and Councilman Shooshanian? Thank you to all for coming.