What’s Happening this Week?

Welcome back! We hope you all had a restful and fun break.

Oakman is participating in the Pennies for Patients fundraiser. All money raised will be donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. ENCOURAGE YOUR STUDENTS TO PARTICIPATE. The class that raises the most money will win lunch provided by Olive Garden which includes breadsticks, salad and pasta.

What’s Happening this Week?

Monday: Oakman students ( Girls scout team)will lead the pledge at the ASC board meeting at 7pm

Tuesday: 5th grade M-Step Science

Wednesday: 5th grade M-Step Math

Parent Teacher Conferences 4 – 7pm

Thursday: 5th grade M-Step Math

Friday: Have a great week 🙂

End of Reading Month Presentations

Young 5

4th grade, Mrs Elward

2nd grade, Ms. Earle

1st Grade, Ms. Hoffman

5th grade, Ms. Habhab

3rd grade, Ms. Hespen

2nd grade, Mrs. Patterson

1st/2nd Grade, Ms. Younce

5th Grade, Mrs. Gartha

Kindergarten, Mrs. Rawson

3rd/4th Ms. Logel

4th/5th, Mrs. Mosed

Kindergarten, Mrs. Fowler

Congratulations to all the prize winners

Thank you to our special guest, Ms. Spirit of Liberty

Mr. Abu-Rus dressed as a crab

Mrs. Mc Mahon and Mrs. Chehab dressed as sea creatures

Mrs. Ali, Mrs. Dakhlallah and Mrs Chehab dressed as sea creatures

5th Grade M-Step Parent Meeting

Starting on April 8, the M-Step testing window for 5th grade will open. Thank you to all the parents who attended the M-Step meeting on Thursday. Important information was shared with both parents and students in regards to M-Step. Please refer to the PowerPoint presentation for tips and links to additional practice sites.

PowerPoint Presentation from the meeting

Students are highly encouraged to use Study Island and the M-Step practice sites throughout the Spring break.

Kindergarten Roundup and 5th Grade M-Step Meetings on Thursday

Kindergarten Roundup

9:00 am Thursday Morning in the gym

Please join us for an informative session regarding Fall (2019/20) registration for new Kindergarten and Young 5 students 


5th grade M-Step Parent Meeting

2:00 pm Thursday Afternoon in the gym

5th grade parents are invited to join 5th grade teacher and students for an informative session on Michigan’s state assessment, M-Step. 

Impact Award to Recognize Dearborn Schools Non-Teaching Staff

Nominations due April 18 for Impact Award to Recognize Dearborn Schools Non-Teaching Staff

Students and parent are invited to make nominations for the District’s Impact Award, which will recognize non-teaching staff and non-classroom educators for their outstanding contributions to helping students, enhancing the school environment or providing excellent customer service in other roles.

The deadline for submitting Impact Award nominations is noon on Thursday, April 18, 2019.

The Dearborn Area Chamber of Commerce honors outstanding classroom teachers every year with the Students’ Choice Alberta Muirhead Award.

The Impact Award was created to recognize the many other outstanding staff members who serve in a variety of roles and help create a better Dearborn Public Schools. Nominees should be consistently professional, personable and polite as they work with students, contribute to the school environment, and provide outstanding overall customer service.

District employees eligible for the Impact Award include full- or part-time staff members employed with the Dearborn Public Schools for more than three years.

Eligible staff members include principals, parapros, custodians, social workers, bus drivers, secretaries, media specialists, food service staff, social workers, skilled trades, computer technicians or anyone who is not a classroom teacher but works for Dearborn Public Schools.

Previous nominees may be nominated again; however previous Impact Award winners may not win again.

Nomination forms with a complete list of qualifications can be found and completed online at https://dearbornschools.org.

A print version of the form is also available online, at school offices or at the Administrative Service Center (ASC).

Printed forms need to be returned to Dearborn Public Schools, 18700 Audette St.,
Room 6, Dearborn, MI 48124 by noon April 18.

Four winners will be announced on May 21 at the annual Green Tie Dinner, sponsored by the Dearborn Education Foundation.

Winners will receive $500 and an engraved award.

For more information about nominating a staff member, or any aspect of the Impact Awards, contact the Communications Office at 313-827-3006 or email communications@dearbornschools.org.

What’s Happening at Oakman this Week?

Good Morning,

We hope you all had a restful weekend. As we approach Spring break, we have a week filled with exciting guests, celebrations and LEARNING! This is the last week of March is Reading Month, so continue with your OCEANS of READING.

What’s Happening this Week?

Monday: Welcome Back

Tuesday: Preschool field trip, Dr. Mason from NOAA in STEM room  Image result for marine biologist clipart

Wednesday: Folktales from Around the World Assembly Image result for folktales around the world

Thursday: Kindergarten roundup in the morning

M-STEP parent meeting at 2:30  Image result for mstep

Friday: March is Reading Month Celebration

 Image result for march reading month





R.O.A.R. Announcements

Monday’s Word of the Day is spectacular. Spectacular means beautiful in a dramatic and eye-catching way. The view was spectacular! 

Tuesday’s Did you know? Today is National let’s laugh day. Studies have shown that laughter may boost your immune system, relieve tension and help you relax. 

Wednesday’s Thought of the Day: One kind word can change someone’s entire day. 

Thursday’s random act of the kindness: goes to Abeer Saleh from Ms. Elward’s class. Abeer picked up a jacket off the floor and hung it. Also,  Nafaa Taher helped keep the gym clean after the concert. 

Friday’s Joke of the Day: Why did the student have a flashlight in his lunch box? He wanted a light snack!


What’s Happening this Week at Oakman?

We have been listening to a lot of read alouds for reading month. Thank you to all our guest readers for taking the time to read to Oakman students.

Guest Reader Mr. Esseily

Guest Reader Mr. Esseily

Guest Reader Rana ElHusseini

Guest Reader Rana ElHusseini

Guest Reader Mr. Thorpe

Guest Reader Mr. Thorpe

Guest Reader Mrs. Zreik

Guest Reader Mrs. Zreik

Guest Reader Mr. Ameer Ali

Guest Reader Mr. Ameer Ali

Guest Reader Mr. Higgins

Guest Reader Mr. Higgins


What’s Happening this Week?

Monday: Welcome Back


4th grade field trip to the Dearborn Symphony


5th grade field trip to Imax and Rouge

PTA store


Celebrating Reading Concert By kindergarten  & 1st grade at 2:00pm

Pizza and snack sale

Friday: Have a Great Weekend