Open House Tonight

Please join us for Oakman’s Open House tonight between 6:00 and 7:30pm. 

Families and students can tour the classrooms, meet teachers and join our Oakman PTA. We will also have a table setup for those who would like to buy an Oakman shirt.

We hope to see you all soon!!

Dearborn Schools Offering Free Lunch, Breakfast To All Students

-All students except preschool now eligible for free meals under special federal guidelines

Dearborn Public Schools is expanding its free lunch programs to all students, regardless of family income.

The District was recently informed by the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) that it was eligible to offer free meals across the district based on criteria in the Community Eligibility Program (CEP) under the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s school meals program.  Previously, free meals under CEP were offered to all kindergarten to 8th grade students at 14 schools in the district.   Free meals across the rest of the district started the week of September 10, 2018.

“Any time we can provide our students with resources that will help them be successful in school, such as a nutritious breakfast and or a healthy lunch, that’s a positive that we cannot pass up,” said Superintendent Dr. Glenn Maleyko.

Studies show that good health, including good nutrition is important to student success.  

While students will not need money to buy meals, most schools will continue to offer individual items for sale in their cafeteria such as extra milk, snacks, or a second lunch.  Children would need money in hand or in their student account to buy those items.  

The CEP program will be retroactive to the beginning of the school year.  Students who already paid for lunches will have that money refunded to their student accounts or might be eligible for a refund.   Any refund details are still being considered and details will be shared with schools as soon as they are available.

Even with the expansion of the lunch program, the district will still ask families to fill out information about household income, although on a different form.  This information is needed for schools to be eligible for other programs, including federal Title 1 funding. Dearborn Public Schools received more than $12,300,000 in such funding last year. Dearborn Schools will also have to occasionally survey selected families to see if the district still qualifies for CEP.

While not all of Dearborn’s schools qualify for CEP on their own, the district used a provision that allows it to average schools together to meet the threshold for all its 36 kindergarten through 12th grade schools.  The program is not available to preschool students, so it will not be offered at Cotter School. (Students enrolled in the GSRP program at Cotter can qualify for free or reduced lunch under other federal programs.) Students will also be able to get free breakfasts in the buildings that offer the CEP program.  Across Michigan, 652 schools participate in CEP.

CEP was designed to allow schools or districts with a higher percentage of low-income families to streamline the free lunch process.  To qualify for the program, the area needs to have 40 percent of students automatically identified for free lunch. Typically, that means the family already receives some other type of assistance such as food stamps or Medicare.

The schools that were already enrolled in CEP include Becker Elementary, Henry Ford Elementary, Lowrey School, Maples Elementary, McCollough Elementary, McDonald Elementary, Miller Elementary, Oakman Elementary, River Oaks Elementary, Salina Elementary and Intermediate, Unis Middle, William Ford Elementary and Woodworth Middle.

Open House Thursday

Please join us for our annual Open House tomorrow, Thursday 13th, 2018 between the hours of 6:00 and 7:30pm. During this time, you will have the opportunity to meet teachers, tour the school and join our PTA. We will also have sample school shirts for anyone who would like to order.

We look forward to seeing you all!

Image of school building and students holding up signs

Image of school building and students holding up signs

Importance of Bedtime Reading

We all want our children to read on a daily basis and try to encourage them with high interest books and taking them to the library, but did you know that reading to our children during bedtime is also a very effective practice?

As parents, establish a bedtime routine that you and your children will love. This special time can establish healthy sleeping habits and help children retain more of what they learn in school.

You can read to your child in any language!

Let this be a special bonding time. Children love listening to stories and hearing from their own parents, shows them the importance of reading.

CLICK HERE FOR A LINK TO TUCK, a site that specializes in the importance of healthy sleep patterns and reading.

This resource also has tips for parents and links to online stories.

Please let us know if you need help accessing reading material or more information.

Happy Reading!!

Parent and child reading during bedtime.

Parent and child reading during bedtime.

What’s Happening This Week?

Good Evening Oakman Families,

We made it through the warm temperatures and those who wanted cooler weather have definitely received it this weekend. This week, students will continue NWEA testing. We are still also collecting applications from students who are interested in applying for our R.O.A.R (Remarkable Oakman Announcement Reporters)  positions. We will begin conducting interviews soon.

This THURSDAY we will have our annual OPEN HOUSE.

Please plan to attend between 6:00pm and 7:30pm. Families and students can tour the school and classrooms. This is also a good opportunity to meet any teachers you have not met yet.

Be sure to stop at the PTA table and join our Oakman PTA for this school year. Our PTA parents and staff look forward to collaborating on many exciting events.

This FRIDAY is a HALF DAY for our students. Dismissal will be at 11:45am.

Have a great week!

What’s Happening This Week?

Greetings Oakman Families,

We hope you all had an enjoyable and safe long weekend. Welcome to the 2nd week of school. The warm temperatures will continue for a few more days so please remind your child to stay hydrated and dress comfortably. Students will continue getting to know their new teachers, classmates, routines and procedures. Please take the time to discuss these with your child each day.

This week NWEA testing will begin. Students in all grades will be assessed within the next few weeks. Your child will be notified of their testing days.

Have a GREAT week!

Happy 1st Week of School

We hope you all had a great 1st week of school. We made it through the heat and trying to get back on schedule and we are looking forward to an exciting and challenging year. We encourage you to work with us as a team in support of our students’ learning and growth. We are confident that this year will be full of successful experiences for all our students.

There is no school from Friday, 31st August to Monday, September 3rd.

Have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend and a GREAT SCHOOL YEAR!

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back to School!

Oakman will re-open on Monday August 27th, 2018! It will be a half day. First bell will ring at 8:30 and dismiss at 11:45. 

Please check the class lists posted on the windows near door #4 (small playground). Students will line up on the yellow lines according to their teacher. 

We look forward to seeing you! Hope you have a wonderful school year!