STEM Middle School Admission Process

STEM Middle School would like to thank everyone for their interest in attending our school for the 2019-2020 school year.  To answer the most popular question we hear, there is no application process in order to be considered for STEM for those students who attend Dearborn Public Schools; instead, invitations will be sent out to all those 5th grade students in the district that are found to be eligible.

To be eligible students must have the following:

–       A Winter NWEA math score in the 85th or higher percentile.

–       A Winter NWEA reading score in the 85th or higher percentile.

–       A Winter NWEA science score in the 85th or higher percentile.

–       ADVANCED on the 2018 ELA and Math M-STEP.

 Our hope is to have invitations sent out to all eligible 5th grade students by the end of February.  From there, students who receive an invitation and indicate that they are interested in actually attending STEM in the fall, will be selected by lottery.  We will accept a final number of 60 students in to our 2019-2020 6th grade class.

If you live within the Dearborn Public Schools, and do not currently attend a Dearborn Public School, OR you are currently a 6th or 7th grader and would like to apply for a POSSIBLE empty slot, an application will be available on the STEM Middle School website ( under the tab “ADMISSIONS” starting in mid-February.   Invitations will be sent out to grade students that meet the below standards:

–       A Winter NWEA math score in the 85th or higher percentile.

–       A Winter NWEA reading score in the 85th or higher percentile.

–       A Winter NWEA science score in the 85th or higher percentile.

–       ADVANCED on the 2018 ELA and Math M-STEP

 Once again, thank you for your interest in STEM Middle School – a 2018 National Blue Ribbon School for Academic Excellence.

Blankets, Towels and Small Rugs Needed

Hello Families!

The Young 5s are beginning a community project for the month of February. It is called “Making Critters Comfy”. Please ask those you know and check around your home for any gently used blankets, towels, and small rugs that are no longer wanted. Bring these to school! Our class goal is to collect 30 items to help 30 homeless and abandoned animals at the Dearborn Animal Shelter.

What’s Happening at Oakman This Week?

Happy Monday,

Now that the polar vortex, snow days and freezing temperatures are behind us, we are looking forward to warmer and brighter days! We hope you all enjoyed the Superbowl weekend and had fun cheering for your favorite team.

Since we missed a few days last week, the NWEA testing window has been extended until Wednesday. Please continue to make sure that students are getting to bed on time and eating a healthy breakfast each day.

WIDA testing also starts this week. This is a yearly assessment for our English Language Learners in the areas of listening, reading, writing and speaking. Classroom teachers will let students know of their testing days.

What’s Happening this Week?

Monday:  1st day of WIDA testing window

Tuesday: Before and after-school tutoring

Wednesday: LATE START, No Morning Tutoring

PTA School Store, after-school tutoring

Thursday: Guest Speaker, Mr. Khodr Farhat

Before and after-school tutoring

Friday: No School for Kindergarten

Have a great week

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Parent Learning at Oakman

During Friday’s parent meeting, parents collaborated on a STEM activity by making an airplane out of a piece of straw and strip of paper. Our parents used their creativity and put their problem solving skills to the test!

Parents were also informed on upcoming state assessments, authentic writing ideas, online resources and more.

Thank you to all the parents who joined us!

Parents working hard

Mrs. Puente giving direction on STEM activity

Oakman parents in the cafeteria during the meeting

Parents collaborating on their design

Parents also needed to test their designs

Parents constructing their designs

Parents testing their designs. Whose airplane can fly the furthest?

Parent Meeting, Movie Night and SIP Visits

Tomorrow we will have our monthly PARENT MEETING at 9am in the cafeteria. Please join us for an interactive and informative morning.

Students, are you ready for Oakman’s Movie Night? The surprise movie will start at 4pm. Bring a blanket or towel to sit on and enjoy a fun evening with your friends.

Parents, how would you like to join district staff members during School Improvement Plan visits to random schools around Dearborn? Use the QR code  or link below to sign up. The form will remain open for approximately one week through Feb 1, 2019. Parents will be notified of the building location one hour prior to the visit through both a phone call and email.

SIP Parent Volunteer Sign up

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School is Open Today

Oakman School is open today for a full day.

There is morning tutoring with Ms. Mosed, Ms. Hespen and Mrs. Merhrof at 7:45am.

There is also afternoon tutoring with Mrs. Younce and Mrs Hoffman for 1st grade.

5th graders who attend tutoring in the media center after school will stay until 4:35pm.


What’s Happening This Week?

Welcome back Oakman students and families,

Winter has officially arrived with our first heavy snowfall! All students need to be dressed appropriately every day. Make sure they are wearing coats, boots, gloves and hats.

This week we are continuing the BURN DRIVE

Firefighters save lives nearly every day, and the Burn Drive helps Dearborn firefighters improve the lives of even more. 

The Dearborn firefighters always support Oakman, so let’s support them. Please donate any amount. Every year Oakman raises hundreds of dollars to donate to those less fortunate than we are. 

What’s Happening at Oakman this Week?

Monday: Martin Luther King Day- No School

Tuesday: Half Day – Dismissal at 11:45 am.

Wednesday:  PTA School Store

Thursday: Pizza Sale for Burn Drive

Friday: Parent Meeting at 9:00 am.


Have a great week